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    Alex couldn't believe it.... it has been 7 years... 7 years since he moved away from Colorado. And now they were moving back there. He was both excited and a little sad because he would be moving away from his birth place, Sweden. But he was also happy because he thought he might see all his old friends again... he was also hoping he might even be able to see 'her' again. His old best friend/ crush when he first moved from Sweden to Colorado when he was 4. He moved back to Sweden because his father got a better job offer there when Alex turned 10.
    Alex was deep in thought when he was in the back seat of the car. Just thinking... wondering. His chin being supported by the palm of his hand. Last time he was in Colorado he was kinda short. But he did hit quit a big grow spurt when he was 14. Suddenly 5 year old sister yelled, "We are here!" causing him to loose his train of thought. His sisters name was Emily. She was a rather adorable young girl. She had long straight blonde hair and bright blue eyes like Alex. Sure enough there was the house. Ironically they ended up getting the old house in which they lived in the last time they lived there. He smiled big. Then he looked to the house right next to it. That was 'her' house. He wondered if she still lived there. He turns to his little sister and grins, "Alright!" he says, his accent was pretty subtle unlike his parents, "Lets go!" and with that he got out of the car.
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  2. Lacey ran down the sidewalk towards her house. She was soaking wet, figured that she had to end up falling into the pond with she was running. She just couldn't understand why she was always falling into that pond, maybe they should just move the pond or something...well that wasn't going to happen. Lacey just couldn't wait to get change out of those soaking wet cloths she had on her. As she got closer to her house she thought she saw some car parked at the house next to hers. She knew that no one lived there, so someone must have just moved in. It was weird, the last time she remembered going into that house was years ago when she was younger. It always seemed so weird that she just wasn't able to go there anymore, where she made so many fond memories. In her thoughts, she wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, she ran into someone who was coming out of the car she was talking about and fell to the ground. "Ow." She said out loud, rubbing her lower back.
  3. Of course Alex didn't really move. But it did catch his attention, he looked down at the girl that had bumped into him. He couldn't get a clear look at her face because of the angel she was in, and the fact that he was tall didn't really help. All he pretty much saw was the top of her head. He quickly said, "Oh! I am so sorry!" he said in that subtle Swedish accent of his, "You alright?" he asked as he helped her up. He had to admit flash backs were coming to him which made him not pay attention.
  4. Lacey took up his offer to help, then stood up. "No, it's my fault. I'm sorry." She said, though she thought for a second that there was something about the way he talked that seemed familiar in a way. She brushed it off and decided to situate herself, then looked up once she was ready. "Don't worry I'm fine. I fall around everywhere all the time, no big deal." She replied, removing her wet bangs from her face to get a better look at him.
  5. The moment she removed her bangs from her face he instanly looked surprised. Could it be?... He examined her face, "Luc?" He asked. When he was a kid that was what he called her all the time. Only he called her that. He continued to look at her with his bright blue eyes.
  6. "Huh?" Lacey was in a daze suddenly, that nickname...there was only one person who ever called her that. She looked at the guy she had just run into more clearly, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, the way he talked, and that name. "Alex?" She questioned, her eyes widening a bit. "Is that you?"
  7. Once she had the same realization that was when he knew for sure it was her. He laughed, "Yup! Its me! Wow I barley recognized you! You look great." He looked down at her smiling big. "This is such a surprise."
  8. When she got out of her daze she smiled back at him. "Yeah, when did you get so tall?" She replied, looking him up and down. There were a lot of things that changed between the two. "Well, uh thanks. I try my best to stay in shape and all." She joked, "I didn't know you were going to be here...moving back here...and right next to my house again. I...I missed you Alex."
  9. He laughed lightly and rubbed the back of his head, "I dont know just one night I did this growin thing and BAM I ended up being this tall." He says jokingly.
    He looked at her and smiled, "Yep, I actually think I will be staying here for good this time. But honestly I missed you too. And fair warning I am pulling you into a hug!" And he did, he pulled her into a bear hug grinning.
  10. "Wait Alex I'm-" Just like that Lacey was being hugged, "Wet." Oh well, that didn't matter and Lacey wrapped her arms around Alex with a smile. "I'll be really happy if you stay here for good this time." It was a little strange, it still felt like Alex yet there were things different about the hug. He was much stronger now, much taller but it was still Alex.
  11. After a moment of the hug Alex did let go he smiled, "Eh it doesnt matter if you are wet. And yeah hopefully I wont have to move anymore. Getting tired of all this moving stuff. Suddenly Alex mom came out of the house, "Alex help-" she stopped in the middle of her tracks and looked at Lucie, "Lucie?" She asked, she had a much thicker accent than Alex.
  12. Lacey would have responded to Alex but she his mother come out. "Hey Mrs Bergman." She said cheerfully, "I'm glad you guys decided to move back here. It's been pretty weird without Alex around." Though some parts were kind of weird with him back after all this time, last time they were together him and her were just little kids running around everywhere together.
  13. Mrs. Bergman laughed lightly, "Yeah. It looks like we will be staying here from now on. " just then his little sister came out with his drum sticks. She looked alot like her mother, "Hey Aleeex! Lookie!" She said waving them around sticking her tongue out at him.
    He grinned, "Why you little- gimme my drumsticks!" he said chasing after her. As soon er her she knew immidiatly that she had to run but as soon as she was getting ready to Alex already picked her up, put her over his shoulder and spun her around a few times. Emily squealed happily. Then he stopped and carried her under his arm and walked back over to the other girls. Hes smiled at Luc, "Luc meet Emily my little sister." Alex was 12 when she was born.
  14. "That makes me happy." Lacey responded. She would have said more but the little girl came out. She started to laugh as she watched Alex catch the girl, making the little girl happy. Once Alex walked over and told Lacey what was going on, it was quite a shock to her. "Sister?" She replied, "You have a little sister now. Well, nice to meet you Emily. I'm Lacey, I live next door."
  15. As Alex set down Emily she giggled then looked up at Lucy a little surprised, "Oh! Yeah." She said with an adorable smile on her face, "My big bubby has told me about you a couple of times." Alex blushed a little at her little nickname for him and the fact that she told her that he has told her about Lucie. He snatched his drumstick from her and lightly hit her on top of the head with them.
    She rubbed the top of her head and fake glared up at him, "Heyyyy!" She said with a pout.
    He chuckled, "Shut it chowder head. Go inside and help dad."
    She smiled a bit, "Otay!" Then she went back inside. Alex chuckled and their mother and him looked back at Lucie, "So Lucie ," his mother started, "Would you like to come join us for dinner this afternoon?"
  16. Lacey started to laugh as she heard Emily's nickname for Alex, blushing slightly as well. "Really? Well, we we're best friends after all." She replied, then started to laugh even more when the two siblings continued their little play. She waved at Emily as she left, then turned Alex and his mother. "Sure, as long as I help out with the dinner."
  17. His mother looked at her surprised, "Oh no sweetie you dont have to do that if you dont want to."
    Alex chuckled, still the same old Luc, "Mom its usless arguingwith her remember? She loves helping people."
    His mom laughed lightly, "Oh thats right silly me, " she says as she grabs a box, "Well Alex as I came out here to originally say come help bringing stuff in. Lucie you can help if you like." And with that she went into the house. Alex chuckled and grabbed a box which had his drum set in it, "My mother still hasnt changed obviously."
  18. "Plus I love cooking too." Lacey responded with a large smile. She nodded as her mother went back into the house. "Here Alex, please let me help you. Just tell me what boxes I can get and where you want them." Lacey did always like to help people, but Alex and his family was definitely different. She just loved them all, and that meant that it just made her happy to feel a part of them.
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  19. Alex looked around looking for something she can carry, "Ummm how about those boxes." He pointed to the boxes a little on his farther right. It was light enough for her to carry, "I'm going to bring all my musical equipment down to the basement them put my other stuff in my old room." He said with a grin. His old 4oom was literally right next to Lucie's. There was a tree in between their rooms where they could just simply swing on then they could be in one anithers room. But yeah he did have quit a bit of music equipment.
  20. "Right." Lacey replied, then walked over to the boxes. She picked them up, turning back to Alex. "So, do I just put them in your room for you then?" She asked, as she started to follow him into the house. It had been a while since she was there, it almost seemed a bit strange to just walk in. Before, someone else was there, she wondered if it all looked the same as it did.
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