Back to the Future

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  1. If you could go back 3 years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

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  2. "Don't waste your time with Nick, and get your ass on Iwaku"?
  3. Yeah, I think I'll take your answer : )
  4. "Tell her how you feel already. She'll understand."
    ...I need a manlier answer.
    "Start exercising more. You're too scrawny for the job you're about to get."
  5. "You should try study a bit so you don't get so stressed in the end -_-'"
    I don't know if I would listen to myself but it would be worth a try ;)
  7. Don't be afraid. Get involved, you never know what may happen once you do.
  8. "Who cares if you can start college two years early? Keep on partying and drinking! Nothing could go wrong!"

    I already went back in time to stop myself from doing stupid things. Turns out I hate that bitch, so of course I gave her bad advice.
  9. "Seriously Johnny don't sweep the leg"

    I was being a real dick back in my Kobra Kai days & Daniel didn't deserve it