Back to the Future-inspired thingamabob

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  1. (Thank you encore channel for endlessly showing the BttF trilogy)

    After watching the first installment of Back to the Future, I wonder what any of you would do if you had the time-traveling delorean. Would you choose to travel back in time or forward? Change an event in history for your own benifit or humanity's? Dare to go to the future to find out your destiny? Offer a high five to Napoleon?-- uh, I's a possible thing to do, no? :P

    Anyway, my answer to this for the fun of it: if I had a time-traveling delorean I would quickly travel back to 1963 to meet The Beatles in their rise to fame being the die-hard fan I am. After my moment of fandomonium I would most likely even dare to show some random strangers The Hunger Games movie and claim it's a real-life documentary-ish thing from my time to freak them out for fun...maaaybe.

    I'm curious to see who would do what with a time traveling machine!(or delorean)
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  2. I would go back in the future for money. Boring answer, I know.

    I guess seeing how humanity finally dies off would be fun, too. I'd go turbo far into the future to see that.
  3. I just want the car... image.jpg
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  4. I'd go back in time to tell my younger self to wake the hell up and work harder in school. Seriously.

    I'd also be interested in seeing the future of civilization, like several hundred or thousand years into the future, just to see what becomes of humans and to see how far technology advances.

    Plus, I dun want to go back in time and alter anything, cause then I wouldn't be who I am now. D: Even changing the slightest, tiniest, seemingly unimportant thing could totally alter the course of history.
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