Back to Iwaku, my mouth agape

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  1. Wow! I was gone for three months and so many things has changed. I feel like a newbie again, finding my way around. I have already bothered Loveless and Dynn and Rubix in about what is new here, but I am curious about the rest of you. So here are my questions:

    How many changes have you noticed since February this year?

    Do you like the changes that have been done?

    If you don't like some changes why?

    What would you do better if you could?
  2. I don't like many of the members, but I think they already know that.

    Honestly though, the whole cbox resetting thing is kind of a pain in the ass.
  3. CBox reseting thing? What is that?
  4. The cbox resets? O____O

    I'mma answer the questions! 8D

    How many changes have you noticed since February this year?
    I can't even count. O___O We've been busting ass trying to improve navigation of the site now that we have more and more members. So lots of things have been switched around, like forums and prefixes, and events and stuff.

    Do you like the changes that have been done?
    For the MOST part, yes! Having separate forums for the OOCs makes it harder for me to keep up with and it's more forums for mods to have to moderate and keep and eye on. D: But the organization has been better.

    If you don't like some changes why?
    see above because I am stupid. 8D

    What would you do better if you could?
    Organization and Newbie Guides. >< We're having a big problem with new members not being able to find vital stuff, so we're working really hard trying to find ways where it's RIGHT THERE and easy to find...
  5. Oh yes, I have noticed quite a lot of new names. Well, I am not the member of staff but I have been around for some time (before i had to take a break) so I could volunteer ;)

    by the way what is your most favourite changes that has been done? I am personally quite excited about the festival thing :)
  6. FESTIVALS! 8D That's definitely been my most favorite new Iwaku event/tradition of the past few months. It was a huge blast for sci-fi month, and I am hoping Fantasy month is just as cool.

    I also really, really love our now monthly Masquerade RP Chat Balls! XD it's been super cool getting to play with a bunch of people and then trying to guess who they are.
  7. I am curious about the fantasy festival. It will be my first one on this site.

    Masquerade RP Chat Balls? I haven't heard about those. When are they? What day? Time? I have to be there!
  8. They are mostly announced in the 'Announcement & News" forum! There you can find the date and time which is mostly at the end of the month but it can vary XD Hope that helps!
  9. Thanks Doxa. I will definitely check that out :) Sounds fun
  10. I am just reading the posts about the last Masquerade. Why didn't I come back earlier to enjoy it as well? :( Bad timing, I guess.
  11. Just stay long enough and you will be able to experience the masquerade that is coming in JUNE!
  12. If for anything else then I will definitely stay for the masquerade! :)