Back To December. Partner wanted. 1x1.

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  1. Okay so hello all, I am looking for someone to do this 1x1 with me it can either be a normal 1x1 or a mature so I've post in both. For this one though we would skip any bits with you know what in them though there's only 1-2 and they don't come till way later on. Anyway, here's the plot.

    It's about a girl and boy...of course. Either one (up to us to decide) was bitten by a wolf, nothing to serious and nothing to make all to much of a deal out of..until things start to happen all to quickly. One minute the person was happy, fine and normal next they were shaking, being sick, having flu like symptoms but worse and they were unable to control it...when they shifted..straight into a wolf, the shifting caused them pain..pain they'd never felt before, just like their bones were being ripped apart and before that it was bad enough with the shaking and being sick. No one saw this but their friend and of course they were scared..more then scared with this wolf in front of them but quickly enough they shifted back to human again, still shaking though. Not knowing what to do but also knowing that they can't stay there the friend takes them to their own house and keeps them in their room, trying to help them through the shifting which keeps happening at random times but they can't control it at all. After a few weeks it stops though but because of it the friends have gotten closer then ever, having to completely trust one another about this as when the one shifts to a is a wolf, it can't talk or think like a human, it doesn't even remember it was a acts just like a wolf though at the same time most wolf's run for it and so instead the other friend left the room every time this happened until they shifted back but still it took trust to do this. Once the one had stopped shifting a lot over time they figure out it's the cold weather which causes him/her to shift and they speak to someone who is actually a werewolf and they explain that normally they shift in the winter and don't come back till spring but each year it takes warmer and warmer weather for them to shift back to human until one year they don't shift at all and remain a wolf for roughly thirty years more before they die. The two don't want this to happen and so..they set out to find a cure for this, a cure for everything though they question why ...the answer to that is love. They don't want to loose one another because of love. So..will they find a cure..or not? How will they try to control the shifting every winter..? Only time can tell.

    Please tell me if you want to change/edit any bits (:

    I would prefer to play the female if possible I don't mind human or werewolf. If you have any questions fire away with them.

    You steal this plot though I will know and hunt you down...just a warning, this is my plot.

    Oh and I can play either werewolf or human but must be female. Thank you.​
  2. Has anyone taken the male role?
  3. Nope, not yet. If your interested?
  4. Yeah :) I'm intreseted
  5. Do you want to pm me to discuss thing more? I'm easier to get hold of through pms, haha.
  6. Sure Pm me. And forgive the long pause. was picking potatoes again today :P