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  1. Hello, How can I grab your attention? How about some money and good feedback?

    I been trying to draw myself a back tattoo but... my art skill has been down the drain lately and I am to the point I am tossing my sketch book into a wall as well as ripping my hair out. I had plans of getting some tattoos for awhile and I am going to start with my back. My back will be my art board.
    But since I am having artist block, I am struggling to get it finished. So I need someone to help bring my vision to life. Here is what I have in my mind;

    Basic: A diseased wolf (But not Zombie) head with a tarantula coming out of it's mouth.

    Detailed: The Wolf head has a decent amount of fur but not super crazy. Like smooth snout decent sized mane. The eyes are more on the creepy side. I don't know how to explain it but there are small tears of blood. Very small. Then where I really want the focus is on the mouth. It's head view facing forward, it's mouth is stretched slightly and a tarantula is coming out. No specific species. G.rosea or Mexican Red Knee if anything. Oh and the fur is roughed up a bit. Now the tarantula is slightly clean but the inside of the wolf's mouth can still be seen slightly and there would be a hint of webs as well as a "goop" dripping from the bottom jaw. Then an undecided idea would be like a Celtic knot in the background or something. I am not really looking for color; Whites, Blacks, Like strokes of deep red, maybe a hint of purple or something. This would be turned into a tattoo keep in mind. I will like to see realistic versions or half phased. Like Part realists and cartoonish. But nothing completely cartoon like.

    Here is where the money comes in. I am willing to donate everyone who posts/sends in a picture.
    $15-25 For the one I choose.
    $5 For the Ones I REALLY Like
    $1 For Those who sends one in
    Good Feed Back For All.
    But you must have Paypal or you won't be able to get your donation. Please Keep in mind you may not get the money as soon as your picture comes in but I will keep in communication with you about it. I am going to keep this open for Seven Days. (Will Be closed May/10/14 Unless Posted Other Wise)

    Be creative, Add different details to try to catch my attention.

    Bonus: IF you are able to please my greatly. I may even ask you to do more tattoos or characters. Make some mo-mo~
    All art will be credited to you. PM with questions. Comment your pictures. Good Luck!
  2. Now, I read 'Tarantula' and I almost went:
    But then I realized that drawing this might help me combat my Arachnophobia.
    Now, my wolf anatomy is lacking, and I think it's not strange that I have no knowledge of drawing spiders, but I'm willing to try. I'll get back to you with my pencil sketch, and then when I get around to pulling my tablet out, I can get you a digital version. :)
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  3. I can't wait to see them. Hope this will help your phobia. I am a tarantula hobbyist so I.... Have many.... Tarantulas. //Oo„oO\\
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  4. I'm sorry, my computer's being finnicky right now, I'll get it up in a couple minutes -_-
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  5. @_@
  6. Take your time, I will await patiently. :)
  7. Holy mackerel, it's fine now. I was importing the image from my phone, and it looked like it would be the right way up, but then I try to import it, and it's rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. So I had to manually rotate it the right way up, and then upload it to DeviantArt. So, here's the link:
    So, the anatomy's off, I know. The spider should probably be bigger, the ears are off, and so are the eyes. Which is why I'm going to work on it digitally. I'll be able to have references and all that. Before I do that, if you think I missed any details, or if you have any input in general, I'd be happy to hear it. :)
  8. Looks fine. ^^
    I would appreciate if the snout was more upwards and correct the spider bigger. Don't forget that diseased look which I saw in the eyes in your pic. Hope for the best.
  9. I think I'm done for the day. I'll probably work on it more later, but I think I'll get a little more input before I get much further. Here's the link:
    So, I changed the pose a lot, because I found a reference I thought worked well. I decided to work on a darker background, because I colored my sketch, and some of the colors are rather light, such as the webs. Now, about the webs, I figured I would make them appear kind of like the images I found on Google for tarantula webs. I also don't know if the size is accurate or not. I'm at the stage where I can still change it, if it's not. :)
    I did a little color on the eyes, to try and figure out how I could indicate it's diseased through the eyes, and I figured I'd make what little eye white you can see yellow.
    (I have to put away my laptop now, because of dinner, but I'll add more detail to this post later.) (:
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  10. What an improvement. Tarantula can be bigger. But don't be scared with size on things. Its going to be filling my back and the mouth/tarantula is the focus
  11. Hey, I was reading through the intro post again, and I remembered I don't have a PayPal account. However, I can give you my mom's PayPal info when I get the final drawing done, and I can arrange for her to pass the donation along to me.

    Oh, and I'm really sorry I haven't really been working on this. I've known for a long while that I'm either easily distracted, or I have ADD. I've almost finished the lineart, and I'm going to start the coloring soon. :) I'll update with the finished product, and I once again apologize for being extremely late.
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  12. That is fine. There is actually one other person who took this request and claims it may be a bit since he works. The donations will take place when he finishes. I'll keep you updated. :)
  13. Alright I'll get to it in a moment :)
  14. Cool. I'm still trying to figure out the chat thing...
  15. Hey, sorry I haven't been working on this lately. It's been a mixture of procrastination, and the fact my dad got in a motorcycle accident. He's fine! He might've broken his ankle, though. I'll try to get back to it soon, but I can't really say how long it'll be. I didn't want to leave you guessing about why I haven't given you any updates. :)
  16. Alright, the flat colors are done! Now I need to go learn some more about shading. After shading I should be done, except for any tweaks you want me to do. :)
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  17. Sorry I have no been checking up on this recently I been busy and I have surgery coming up. It's been a long month for me. It looks good Star! When you finished can you please PM on Iwaku so I know? I won't be able to keep up with all that is going on.
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