EXERCISE Back-Story Challenge: The Penny

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  1. Back-Story Challenge, steelblue
    We all like to come up with back-stories for our characters, but keeping those back-stories short with only relevant information can sometimes be difficult. This challenge is designed to help cut out unneeded details, the details that should be saved to be revealed IC. :)

    Take Cinderella for example. We don’t need to know every unkind word her stepsisters said to her, or exactly what her father’s death scene looked like. The important events of her back-story are the fact that her father married an unkind woman with two daughters of her own, and he then passed away leaving Cinderella to become a servant in their care.

    The purpose of this challenge is to come up with a back-story for the image provided, one that contains important information without becoming a wall of text.

    To participate: I will give you an image of a place, a person, or an object. You write up a back-story for that image using no more than three significant events that may have happened.

    Remember, You are writing the back-story, or what you would put in the history section of a character sheet, not a scene!

    Here is your Image :)


    What is the back-story for this Penny?
    Some helpful things to think about - Where was it minted? who owned it? what was it used to buy?
  2. The Lost Penny
    There was a penny minted around 1980s which was given from the bank volts, to the hands of a good man, merchant. One day he gave this penny to a little poor girl, from whose hands though it fell into the sewers of the road. Lost forever along with so many other things...
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  3. Mrs. Penny had been through a lot in her 29 years of being worthless pocket change, always being thrown around all without a care in the world from the owner. Oh how she hated it, countless times she has wished that maybe, just once in her life she could be worth something. One day her owner had took her out of his pocket as they come across a wishing fountain; A wishing fountain that she was flipped into. This was her day, her moment. All those years have been leading up to this. As she was flipped into the water, one thing stood atop of everything else.

    "I wish I was worth something."

    I think this fits the rule you set? Correct me if I'm wrong though.
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