Back Story Challenge #7

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  1. In this challenge, your task is to create a history/ back-story for a character, whom I will provide a picture of, explaining how they came to be what they are.

    I've decided to do away with the suggested character sheet, and simply leave you to create your own personality to explain :D

    Feel free to write as much as you like: the more detail, the better!

    Here's this Month's picture:

  2. Twas an awkward and backward day when the only baby in the world was born on that date. April 11, 1984. Nobody was born, and nobody died but everything sure was lopsided. His birth was extraordinarily different as well. The moment he was born, his eyes were open and he laughed, rather than cried. As he grew up, his name would be known as Medivh, the child without a last name. Nobody knew who bore him nor how he survived but they did know that he was never a good nor bad man.

    As he grew, he traveled, and it seemed that each and every time that he went off to a new town, he new exactly where he was going. Along the way, he picked up companions that seemed to be drawn to him from the start. They would follow and keep watch even before Medivh acknowledged them. One was an owl named, Elai. The other was a snake named, Job. Each had special jobs when it came to protecting and keeping an eye on things. Elai would watch over head and Job would sense around the underbrush and nearby areas for any trouble along the way.

    Along the way, Medivh practiced and dabbled in each of the magical realms, including dark and light. He wanted to remain neutral so he would become powerful, but at the same time, remain out of the line of attack when it came to the Wizard Wars.

    [I hope I did this right. It is my first time doing it and I am not an awesome 'back story' creator. >_<]
  3. He had woken up with no recollection of who he was in a dark cave, with only an owl and a lantern to guide him. The owl seemed to be able to speak to him telepathically, and told him his name and that he had apparently been left there by his father centuries ago. By the time he'd woken up, he'd aged well and long- his hair had turned from black to white, and had grown long- though not as long as one would expect after sleeping for such a long period of time. His body had generally slowed down, and his skin was still naturally cold, matching the cave. When he tried to get out, however, there was a barrier- and so he began to delve further into the cave, with only the lantern and the telepathic owl to guide him. That is...Until he found the Staff of Eternity.

    The owl had told him that the Staff of Eternity could only be whelmed my an immortal, and he picked it up with ease. This told him he was, in fact, immortal- explaining why he could live for centuries as he had, alone without food or water. He didn't want such a life, however, and was told that if he found the fountain of youth, it would correct the genetic error that kept him from dying- he'd return to a younger state, likely that of when he was left in the cave, and grow old and die like anyone else. The fountain was somewhere in that cavernous ruin...So he set out to find it, his owl companion as a guide.