Back Story Challenge #6

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  1. In this challenge, your task is to create a history/ back-story for a character, whom I will provide a picture of.

    I've decided to do away with the suggested character sheet, and simply leave you to create your own personality to explain :D

    Feel free to write as much as you like: the more detail, the better!

    Here's this week's picture:


  2. Orienla was running. Running in the dark of night, blind to the sharp tree branches and bramble bushes that were set out across her path in order to trip her up. Her heart was thumping in her chest, breaths coming in tiny pants. There was a long, drawn out howl from behind but she knew better than to look back as it was soon followed by no less than a dozen or so answering calls.
    Running faster. Legs growing weak with the effort to keep it up. She could hear the owners now, shouting curses and taunts at her back as they ran behind their canine hunters. There wasn't much time now before they caught her. If she hurried for maybe just a little bit longer... A large mass of tree suddenly grew up from the ground in front of her path with knarled branches and dead leaves that smelled of fungus. At first she contemplated going around but went against it as she saw that the men had spread out to her sides without her noticing. The only way was to go up. She climbed. Long claws dug deep into the soft, aging wood that was deteriorating with age. Her feet gave small burst of speed with each step she took up the tree. Not long and she was at the very top, seeing the entire woods spread out before her on the dark, half moon night. The only other light being the stars that gazed down pittyingly upon her cursed being.
    An arrow shot up through the branches, missing her soft belly by inches. She climbed higher and higher, hoping to get lost within the foliage. It was no use. Another archer, a large man with broad shoulders and hiking boots had begun to climb up the tree opposite of her current hiding place. She quickly moved around to the other side, keeping her back straight up against the thick trunk for protection. A dart was shot from a strip of hollow bamboo with accuracy, hitting her in the upper thigh. The night trees began to darken into deep grays and blacks, moulding together to become a large blur of color. The last thing she felt was herself falling. The last thing heard was the cheer of the men below and the baying of the dogs.


    Orienla opened her eyes to the soft morning sunlight filtering in through a laced curtain to her right. She blinked. It had only been a dream. No, a memory in the form of a dream. It had all happened, but that had been months ago. Before Machaya had freed her from the dark room of torture in her husbands yard. She had been kept there for weeks, being viewed like a side road attraction by the local village fools. Machaya had pittied her, knowing that her husband was wrong for doing such a thing to any kind of living creature, no matter how cursed they were foretold to be.
    When she had been caught, Machaya had told her, the entire council had been in an uproar. No one knew what to do with her. Many voted for using her as a sacrifice to the Gods of War to help them win the battle in the Lands of Draught. The men who had captured her, however, wished to sell her as a prostitute or slave. The price was too high through and no one would buy. So she was kept on Machaya's husband's land.
    They had been forced to stay on the run for over six weeks before they finally began to relax and settle down. For now they were merely jumping from one inn to another, keeping their heads bowed and the tips high to avoid suspicion.
    Orienla glanced over at her companion who continued to sleep on her mattress of straw by her side, feeling guilt gather in her throat. She stood as quietly as was possible on the creaking floorboards, making her way over to a small mirror that hung on the wall, observing herself. Her dark, scaly green skin and yellow reptilia eyes that were always narrowed in to vertical slits of black for pupils. She hadn't always been like this though. There had been a time when she was human, or close to it at the very least. Having been only a young child when the warnings were told to her, she ignored them and did what exactly what her elders had told her not to do; fall in love with the young boy down the swamp paths. He intrigued her with all of his queer, abnormal, and sometimes charming ways. The years had gone by like only days and before she knew it, he had bent down on one knee and asked for her had in marriage at the age of seventeen. She had accepted. However his mother, a dark witch, had forebade it and on the day of their wedding cast a spell on the young woman. Orienla never found out what happened to her lover on that day for he too was later on reported as missing.
    Orienla abruptly tore her eyes from her reflection and went to put on the clothes that she wore whenever she travelled. Her gloves were made of a soft kind of steel that could even slip over her deformed fingers with ease, and were followed by her leather, knee length boots. The last things to put on were the soft, cotton hood that Machaya had given to her, along with a wooden shield and sword from a fallen soldier during their travels. Machaya would no longer be following her though, whether she knew it or not. Orienla grabbed her rough shoulder bag, tossing it over her head with practiced ease and silently slipped through the open front door.