Back Story Challenge #4

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  1. In this challenge, your task is to create a history/ back-story for a character, whom I will provide a picture of.
    I will also supply a simple character sheet, including some basic information for you to work from if you so choose,
    but feel free to discard my ideas and create your own character sheet to work from and include in your post!

    Feel free to write as much as you like: the more detail, the better!

    Here's this week's picture:

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/ Naga halfbreed

    Loner/ Outcast

    Personality: Bitter and callous, he resents pure-bloods of any race.

    Here are some things you could think about whilst writing your back story:

    - How did he come to be an outcast?

    - Was there a specific trigger for his resentment of pure-bloods?

    - How did his parents come together?

  2. Born a freak, Human/Naga halfbreed Shistani'ita Was outcast from either civilization, along with his parents. Being a freak, Humanity would not accept him, and being 'unpure', the Naga wouldn't take him either. He and his parents were forced to live in a cave outside of the occupied world, where they raised their child. After his parents died, he was left to fend for himself. Stewing on the stories his human mother used to tell him, about how she was supposed to be his fathers slave but they fell in love, how the purebloods of both races cast them out, how halfbreeds like him often showed to be more powerful than the two races they were created from, he grew to resent purebloods of all races, Human, Naga, Vampire, Elf, Orc, the list went on. He eventually left his cave and explored the world, killing any pureblood he came across and encouraging inter-breeding. Often times he was cast out of towns for this. He currently roams the Jidanti Wetlands, south of The Bleeding Mountains.
  3. Dotro Was born a half breed prince . Knowing this as he grew up mad him feel like he wasn't a total waste . People looked at him as if he were some form of a demon. it was not common for royalty to be half human/ nage. Peoples emotions towards him were mixed until his naga side began to show. his skin went from a whit to green as soon after gills grew. A younger brother was born full naga. The love he shared with him was all he felt he had in this world . until the day came .. what is our inauguration day .. came for him Something surprised all the gods came from the heavens and deemed him unworthy to be king. He fell to a Deep hatred for pure beings . as his 6 year ld brother became knig. One night it got to him as people came to kill him . his brother came in and hugged him .. Dotro just looked . blood begin to spew from his lips 'did my brother really try and kill me' he thought.. he ripped his head of threw him to the angry protesters. never to be seen again he lives and leads a kingdom of Half species beings awaiting the day to strike.
  4. Ch'poi Dropped to his knees in shock at the site before him. The fire raged out of control with no way to stop it, as if anyone would have helped him even if there had been anyone around. Time seemed to slow to a crawl around him while he watched his humble home burn before his eyes.

    After the war his parents had tried to make a go of it with humans in a human village with a human stile home and lively hood, of course it failed. They had been shunned and forced to leave in the dead of winter. The long trek to this warmer climate where the Naga, his mother's people, lived left his little sister sickly and week with a cough that never seemed to stop.

    Father had worked very hard to make a go of it, but once again things went badly for the small family of four. His sister died and soon after his father was killed while working the fields. Some rowdy teens had played a prank of loosening one of the wheels on the cart that father used to bring the hay in with. The wheel had come off and the farmer was crushed by the cart falling on him.

    Mother, already grief stricken by her baby girls death, now spiraled into despair and didn't even seem to see her son any longer and talked to the shadows in the house like they were his father and sister. And now he came home from hunting rabbits in the woods for their supper to find the house and the small shack they used for barn ablaze.