Back Story Challenge #2

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  1. In this challenge, your task is to create a history/ back-story for a character, whom I will provide a picture of.
    I will also supply a simple character sheet, including some basic information for you to work from if you so choose, but feel free to discard my ideas and create your own character sheet to work from and include in your post!

    Feel free to write as much as you like: the more detail, the better!

    Here's this week's picture:

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half-Elf


    Personality: Bold and self-assured, no job is too big for her.

    Here are some things you could think about whilst writing your back story:

    - How did she come into her line of work/ the situation she may be in?

    - Was there a specific trigger for acting the way she does: what moulded her personality into what it is?

    - How did she come to gain her feline companion?

  2. Name: Shirana Dee Sorenlish

    Race: Half-Elf

    Occupation: Primarily a hunter and occasionally a Mercenary

    Personality: Bold and self-assured, no job is too big for her.

    Back Story: Born of a human mother out of wedlock was bad enough but to not have a human father... That was unheard of. Dee made a quirky half smile while stirring her tea and watching the leaves settle once again in the bottom of the cup.
    The aroma brought back both fond and sad memories of her mother humming softly while checking the table for the afternoon tea. Nothing was ready till mother looked it over and gave her OK. That was just the way she was: precise, on time and exact. Dee scrambled the tea leaves again out of anger and splashed a few drops in the process. With a sigh she set the cup down. Then she looked out the window at her cat sleeping in the yard. He really is getting big, she thought.
    Once again she started to daydream about the past. How she had been hunting with her step-father and how they had come upon the cub in the cave and the corpse of the mother near the entrance, they never did find out what had killed her. She had drug herself back to her den before dying but the rain the night before had obliterated any chance of figuring out just what had happened or where.
    Dee shrugged, blinked and sighed again, I really need to wake up! This is really not getting me anywhere...She picked up her cup and downed the last gulp, leaves and all then squinted at the bitter taste. Standing up she adjusted her elfish armor with a little tug and pat that had become even more of a habit for her of late, mothers training, she smiled an unhappy smile. It wasn't her fault that mother got pregnant with an elvish babe. She didn't make her wed a bar keep instead of the lord's son because of it. Mother would never let her forget. Pfft! To hell and Aita with you Mother!
    She dropped the appropriate coin on the table nodded at the keep and walked out the door into the afternoon sun. Dee squinted for a moment then turned left and headed to Jarl under the huge tree he loved to lounge under at this time of day. Kneeling down she scratched behind the huge ear and watched it flutter a moment and then his eye opened lazily and a half purr, half growl came out of him as he smiled at her and licked her hand. In that one simple act he gave her more love than her mother or even her step-father ever did. For that matter, her real father too. She had looked for him once when she was a teen.. Found him too, but he scorned her even worse than mother. She gave up a long time ago trying to fathom the why of it. Assumed it was just a race thing she would never really understand, and moved on with her life. She had left that sorry life behind her long ago. She had worked long and hard for a trader on his caravan. Guarding it and hunting, mostly hunting. She was an uncanny shot with her bow. They said it was because of her elvish blood. Well, whatever, at least it keeps us fed.
    Shirana chuckled as the huge paw batted at her playfully now. One swipe of that massive paw could kill a bear, she knew this because that's just what he had done. Thankfully too, it had saved her life on that hunt. Standing up she chuckled again and said, "Come on, we have to get moving lazy bones! We do have to earn our living, not just sleep all day." With that she walked off to her small hut to get the bow and quiver.

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  3. Name: Ersilia Moretti
    Race: Half-elf
    Occupation: Assassin
    Personality: Self-assured, independent, sarcastic, somewhat vain, short-tempered, greedy in terms of money

    Background: Ersilia Moretti was born in Florence, Italy around the 1400s. She refuses to give away her age. At the young age of seven her mother grew ill and her father comitted suicide after being several thousand Floretines in debt. She was then forced to take care of her mother. Ersilia struggled to put food on the table and when it seemed like all hope was lost, she was given a second option. The Medici family said that they would wipe her debt clean and give her mother the best treatment only if she became assassin and eliminated those that endangered their growing power and wealth. Ersilia agreed without even hesitating. At the age of nine she was trained as an assassin and made her first kill at the age of of ten. She killed a merchant that was spreading about false propaganda against the Medici family. When Ersilia was just fifteen she was betrayed by the Medici family who sent out mercenaries to kill her. In order to hide from from them, she joined the circus. While she was away, sickness took her mother and Ersilia was never able to say goodbye. In the circus she grew attached to a snow tiger. The ringleader of the circus was quite abusive and pushed her over the edge and she killed him in her knife throwing act.

    Ersilia fled and took the snow tiger with her naming it Arduino meaning valuable friend. She had her first encounter with elves when she was seventeen and they did not take kindly to her because she was bred from human and elf blood. Apparently, this was frowned upon in elven society. She pleaded for them to accept her into their ranks where she showed off the skills she had learned while in Florence, which included free running and climbing walls along with the stealth to top it off. Her knife throwing skills were exceptional and her sword play beyond all expectations. The elves wondered how she would do with a bow. Ersilia proved to be a natural and at the age of nineteen she was accepted among the ranks of the elves and no longer looked down upon. She was hired by the village elder to become an assassin for the elves and eliminating threats to their society. In what seemed to be a giant loop one of her missions was to assassinate the entire Medici family who was dangerously close to discovering the elven society.

    Ersilia prepared to move out and managed to kill all of the Medici family except the father who had total control over Florence. He fled and left his family to die. He was never heard from again and Ersilia never got to exact her revenge. Two years later, there was news about the man that had fled and she immediately responded. It was indeed the person she was after, but he kept running and for years the two played a game of cat and mouse. For everytime Ersilia got close to catching him, he would escape her and she would find herself following yet another false trail. Ersilia continues to search for him with her snow tiger, Arduino.
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  4. Name: Rain

    Race: Half elf

    Occupation: Merc/assassin

    This young half elf was taken when she was a child from the wreckage and ruin of her village on the outskirts of the silvin forest. Her parents were murdered along with most of everyone else by a cult that calls themselves animal deliverance. These war mongering tyrants are a cobbled together band of magic users that have been twisted and corrupted by the dark magics that they use. Twisted and corrupted because they work against the natural ways of life and seek to bend nature to their will using powers that control the mind and the heart. Their training consists of many horrible tests that beat one into submission the finial of which is a battle of survival against a friend or class mate to see who was the most adept at their game. She progressed through the training becoming a very good sorceress in the process her talents excelling in the areas of animal communication and empathy. She never allowed her mind to be altered though and managed to retain good within her keeping her sane enough to escape at the end of her training. The cult utilized the training and control of animals as war beasts almost torturing them to prepare them for their purpose. She took exception to this and rescued Gorn a beautiful white tiger from their clutches.

    For her crimes the cult has issued a kill on site order for the beautiful rain which doesn't bother her one bit. It allows her the freedom to exact her revenge on those who took her family away from her without being the evil thing that they represented. She and her companion have taken to allowing themselves to be hired out for profit if the job and the money are good. She even will do contract killings but only tyrants and war lords. She has made the wilderness her home now her old life being gone. She learned the skills of the rangers and can live off the land with the best of them. Keeping to the shadows she is always on the hunt to bring good to a world of darkness.