Back Story Challenge #1

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  1. In this challenge, your task is to create a history/ back-story for a character, whom I will provide a picture of.
    I will also supply a simple character sheet, including some basic information for you to work from if you so choose, but feel free to discard my ideas and create your own character sheet to work from and include in your post!

    Feel free to write as much as you like: the more detail, the better!

    Here's this week's picture:

    Gender: Female

    Race: Cyborg

    Freelance Investigator/ Assassin

    She tends to keep herself to herself, never telling a prospective employer anything more than is necessary to land a job.

    Here are some things you could think about whilst writing your back story:

    - How did she come into her line of work/ the situation she may be in?

    - Was there a specific trigger for acting the way she does: what moulded her personality into what it is?

    - Was she always a cyborg or was she once human/ some other race?

    I'm hoping to make this a weekly challenge but we'll see how it goes.
  2. Being the only Cyborg that exists makes living hard. There is no one to love; she can't die. A force that cannot be destroyed... it all started with her creator. He was a man that made her to be his partner, made her to keep him company, to treat her as a servant. What he didn't know was that her wiring allowed her to have human emotions... one emotion grew the most.. love... love for a human. After years of watching and gathering experience, she realize that honesty was the best thing... what did this entail? Telling her creator.

    That was the day everything changed, the day that she found honesty was not the way to go.... the day her life changed. Her creator rejected her, refused to even consider what may happen. Instead, he left... left her in a crowded city, lost in a crowd. That was the moment she vowed revenge.

    The house was quiet; he was in bed. Her steps were light as she stepped through house like an Indian would tactfully step through the woods. Finally, she reached his door.. this would be done swiftly. Her cool hands at his throat, his pulse being monitored through her sensors, chest heaving for air.. eyes fading in color.. face losing emotion.. body limp. Oh, the satisfaction she got from getting revenged on the one that scorned her.... that was the moment when her whole life was set in motion... the moment where an assassin's life was the only one that could be lived.