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  1. Aoi Yashiro, #808CFF
    It had been a long night for Aoi Yashiro, vocalist of a two-man band with her best friend, Kira. They had been performing all night to the point of exhaustion, and it had been quite an experience to have to be escorted to their backstage room to keep the fans away from them. The fans(female ones, especially) maily came for Aoi. Back when they had gotten popular, Aoi had been the public face and vocal for the songs, and naturally people had felt more of a personal connection to her than to Kira. But in reality, nothing of that mattered when it came to Aoi. Kira was her very best friend. There was nothing else in the world that mattered to her.

    The day passed with quite a lot of activity, and both girls were happy to settle down in the overly expensive looking backstage room. Aoi was sprawled out on a nearby sofa, her hands going through her hair. Her forehead was slightly sweaty, and she was stripped out of her outer layer. She was in a loose tanktop and long, black pants. Her feet were bare. She wasn't wearing any makeup or jewelry. Now that they were done, she'd just settled with something as casual as possible. She wasn't wearing a bra under the top, not that it was necessary in the first place. She had been quite unlucky, and couldn't honestly claim to be in possession of breasts.

    In the first six months after their live debut, people were convinced that Aoi was a man that her and Kira were dating. Aoi had stated that she was, despite logic, a female, but she hadn't elaborated on whether her and Kira were an item. Lately, they had started to play a couple for publicity. It was a slight bit ironic, and would probably cause disputes if one ever developed feelings. They'd held hands and kissed cheeks in public, but never farther than that. The media was already going head over heels by the fact that they were both female.

    As Aoi rolled around on the couch, she looked at her phone. She had rolled to her stomach, and her fingers tapped, the touch screen making sounds as she wrote. She was writing up tweets for all of the fans that had commented on her tweet from just before the concert. There were tons of fan mail, and Aoi was quite surprised. More and more seemed interested in Kira, which made her happy. She hated being the center of everything, and a chance to talk about her friend was always welcome. Aoi would not quite admit it, but she had done some stupid things in her life. Her biggest mistake being actually having feelings for Kira. Her eyes would drift a little too quickly to Kira when they were changing, and she had even had stupid dreams about their romance... most of them were, thankfully, rather innocent. Her heart was very pure despite everything she had done in her life, and falling in love truly for the first time, it hit her like a rock. She bit down on her lip as she rolled a quarter of a round, face into the back rest of the sofa.

    No more thinking. She couldn't go any further than this. She could already feel her heart pounding away in her chest, and anything more than this would not help her. When the heat in her cheeks finally calmed down, she turned to her back once again, crossing one leg over the other as she placed her phone lazily on the table.

    "Long night, huh? She said as Kira came out from the bathroom that was on the left side of the back stage room. On the right side was their changing room with costumes and a makeup table set up for two in it.
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  2. Kira walked over to Aoi and lazily plopped down onto her best friend. "Indeed it was" She sighed quietly as she rested her head on the girls chest, staring at the ceiling. "How are you feeling, Aoi?" She asked suddenly, sitting up. She had noticed that her best friend was most likely tired, judging by the way she was laying down in the couch. She hadn't exactly wanted to look at Aoi, knowing that if she did, she probably would have blushed. Since they have known each other for a long time, she has grown some feelings for Aoi.

    Of course, Aoi will never know. Sometimes thinking about Aoi never finding out, makes her sad. Every time we hold hands out in public, or kiss each other's cheek. Her stomach always seems to get butterflies, of course it frightens her. But she can deal with it, if Aoi is happy. Then she's happy with her. Her bright blue eyes stared down at Aoi, smiling a little. Noticing that her best friend was happy. She'll most likely ask Aoi why she's so happy later on.
  3. "W-well yeah, I suppose I am. Is there something wrong with my appearance since you're asking it? It's obvious that you and I alike are tired, but I don't really see why anything else should be wrong..." Aoi's heart was beating fast, and she hoped that Kira, who could possible hear it, suspected it to be Aoi's exhaustion and not something as exposing as embarrassment. Telling about her feelings now would be close to impossible with the way her heart was pounding. She'd probably manage to die before even being able to tell about her true feelings. At least it felt like that. When Kira finally got off, she sat up and sighed.

    "Isn't it you that needs to be fussed about? Didn't the boyfriend you had "behind my back" break up with you the other day?" Of course, saying, "behind her back" just meant that it was a relationship unpublic to the media unlike the make-believe relationship that Aoi and Kira had. "I did hear it from him. He told me to never call him again. He broke up with you because the media edited that picture of us so it looked like we were kissing, right?" She seemed bitter about it. Aoi was notorious for hating the media with a passion. Which was not so unreasonable, thinking about what the media was.
  4. ((I'm sorry, but it seems that there has been a misunderstanding. This RP was meant for me and another player, but my doing more than one thing at the same time caused me to make a mistake. If you would like to actually start a roleplay with me, I would be happy if you would send a PM instead. I won't be replying to this thread and I'll be starting the other one up for me and the actual partner I had it planned with))
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