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  1. Aoi Yashiro, #808CFF
    It had been a long night for Aoi Yashiro, vocalist of a two-man band with her best friend, Kira. They had been performing all night to the point of exhaustion, and it had been quite an experience to have to be escorted to their backstage room to keep the fans away from them. The fans(female ones, especially) maily came for Aoi. Back when they had gotten popular, Aoi had been the public face and vocal for the songs, and naturally people had felt more of a personal connection to her than to Kira. But in reality, nothing of that mattered when it came to Aoi. Kira was her very best friend. There was nothing else in the world that mattered to her.

    The day passed with quite a lot of activity, and both girls were happy to settle down in the overly expensive looking backstage room. Aoi was sprawled out on a nearby sofa, her hands going through her hair. Her forehead was slightly sweaty, and she was stripped out of her outer layer. She was in a loose tanktop and long, black pants. Her feet were bare. She wasn't wearing any makeup or jewelry. Now that they were done, she'd just settled with something as casual as possible. She wasn't wearing a bra under the top, not that it was necessary in the first place. She had been quite unlucky, and couldn't honestly claim to be in possession of breasts.

    In the first six months after their live debut, people were convinced that Aoi was a man that her and Kira were dating. Aoi had stated that she was, despite logic, a female, but she hadn't elaborated on whether her and Kira were an item. Lately, they had started to play a couple for publicity. It was a slight bit ironic, and would probably cause disputes if one ever developed feelings. They'd held hands and kissed cheeks in public, but never farther than that. The media was already going head over heels by the fact that they were both female.

    As Aoi rolled around on the couch, she looked at her phone. She had rolled to her stomach, and her fingers tapped, the touch screen making sounds as she wrote. She was writing up tweets for all of the fans that had commented on her tweet from just before the concert. There were tons of fan mail, and Aoi was quite surprised. More and more seemed interested in Kira, which made her happy. She hated being the center of everything, and a chance to talk about her friend was always welcome. Aoi would not quite admit it, but she had done some stupid things in her life. Her biggest mistake being actually having feelings for Kira. Her eyes would drift a little too quickly to Kira when they were changing, and she had even had stupid dreams about their romance... most of them were, thankfully, rather innocent. Her heart was very pure despite everything she had done in her life, and falling in love truly for the first time, it hit her like a rock. She bit down on her lip as she rolled a quarter of a round, face into the back rest of the sofa.

    No more thinking. She couldn't go any further than this. She could already feel her heart pounding away in her chest, and anything more than this would not help her. When the heat in her cheeks finally calmed down, she turned to her back once again, crossing one leg over the other as she placed her phone lazily on the table.

    "Long night, huh? She said as Kira came out from the bathroom that was on the left side of the back stage room. On the right side was their changing room with costumes and a makeup table set up for two in it.
  2. Kira laughed out a cutesy giggle as she ran a hand through her hair. "Tonight was long as all hell. Fun but long." She said as she unbuttoned her top and now sat in her neon tights and shortshorts and bright blue sports bra."They loved it." She said as she hugged her best friend.

    They had been best friends for years upon years back when they met in Kyoto thanks to their parents being coworkers at a musical talent production company. They started the band and Kira decided to go on stage under the name KYOTO B@55(bass). She loved the badass shows they threw.
  3. Aoi blushed quite awkwardly as she looked at Kira who was hugging her in that kind of getup... And she forgot about that immediately. Rule number one when you were a make-believe couple: To not actually fall in love. And that was right what she had gone ahead and done. Fallen hard for this girl.

    "Yeah, my body feels almost like a rock. I'm so tired." Despite herself, Aoi smiled as she placed her hands behind her head, lying down as she stared at Kira's face. She had an unreadable expression herself, something between thoughtful, adoring and embarrassed. She was just watching the other female, her eyes wavering.
  4. Kira looked at her and told her "hey we have a photoshoot tomorrow. At noon by the way. Wanna get breakfast before that at starbucks?" She asked smiling dorkily. She liked coffee and muffins for breakfast. She also kind of had a thing for Aoi, but rule number one in fake relationships, dont actually fall in love with them. She broke that rule in their third year of highschool.
  5. Aoi crawled over to Kira, leaning in over her. They were half on top of one another as she lazily smiled at the other female. "Perhaps I'll take up your offer, but are you sure you can handle me? You'd have to soothe me awake tomorrow morning... who knows if I need a good morning kiss." From Aoi's expression it was obvious that she was teasing the other girl, and she laughed as she rolled onto her back on the floor. She wanted to make it an obvious joke. If Kira figured out that she actually meant it, the trouble would begin.
  6. Kira hoped to god she wasnt actually joking but played along "yeah i mean i could cup your cheeks and slowly penetrate your mouth with my tongue as our tongues go to war on eachother." She said meaning it but saying jokingly.
  7. Aoi blushed as she stared down at Kira. In a fit of sudden courage, she grasped onto Kira's shoulder, leaning in over her. When their lips met, it was wonderful. Aoi was scared for a moment before Kira actually started kissing her back. Fake relationship, like hell... this was real.
  8. Kiras eyes went wide but she sure as hell kissed back. She immediately felt light as a feather. She cupped Aois face and decided to straddle her.
  9. Aoi broke away from the kiss suddenly, breathing heavily. She felt that she had to say something, but her head was spinning, and her heart was pounding like crazy.
  10. Kira was sad she stopped. "Whyd you stop?" She asked breathily as she brought her face closer to Aois.
  11. "Do you really mean this..?" The emotion in Aoi's eyes was fear. She was scared that Kira didn't mean this as seriously as she did. She could already feel the pain in her chest if she was told that.
  12. Kira looked into the other girls eyes. " honestly ive loved you since our third year of secondary school... are you serious about this?" She asked holding the girls hands while still straddling her.
  13. "I'm about to go crazy, I've loved you from the day we met. Of course I'm serious about this, you idiot." Aoi had tears in her eyes as she reached up, staring into Kira's eyes. If they could stay like this forever.
  14. Kira embraced the love of her life and cried as she did so."thank you Aoi i was so scared to admit it!"
  15. "Well, we were faking a relationship, so not that I blame you or anything." The feeling swelling inside Aoi, that must have been true love. Something close to that, anyways. It burnt her away from the inside and made her feel the true bliss of caring for another human being.
  16. Kira nervously pressed her index fingers back and forth against eachother in that way thatconveyes a question."Um does this mean like we can kiss in public and stuff?"
  17. "Well, since people already think we're a couple... I guess?" Aoi said with a blush on her face. She pushed Kira off so she could sit up, running a hand along Kira's cheek. "I love you."
  18. Kira smiled and blushed "I love you too." She said as she hugged her girlfriend lovingly.
  19. "I wonder how it came to something like this. I thought I'd told myself I wouldn't love again." Aoi gently whispered as she watched Kira's face, smile on her features. She was definitely a gorgeous girl, her boyish appearance making girls adore her.
  20. Kira held the other girls hand and kissed her cheek. "Thanks for being here with me through everything so far."
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