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  1. Hey! So I haven't been Roleplaying in a while and I've wanted to start up again. I have a few ideas on what I would want to roleplay.
    But first i have a few preferences
    1. Usually more into guy on chick
    2. Ease write more than a seta nice or two so i have something to work with.
    3. Post fairly quickly or within reason.

    As for my plots

    -Coming Home-
    This story takes place in the great City of New York. A young lady works for a newspaper company doing her dream job as a reporter. A year has gone by since her best friend (male) has gone overseas since he is in the Army. He surprises her randomly one day in her apartment. As he stays there for a while old feelings for him rise up again. Does he feel the same? What happens if they have the same feelings but hes shipped back overseas.

    -Not Expected-
    In this plot their is a typical bad boy in highschool. He doesn't everything hes not suppose to. Barley passes his classes. Hes admired by all the girl due to his charming good looks. The only person he can truly be nice to is his best friend (female) who has known him since day one. Its their last summer and they decided to rent a cabin together to spend it with each other. All those days and parties with friends might bring up some feelings they never knew they had for one another.
  2. I like the Not Expected idea. I would be willing to RP it with you.
  3. I love the not expected one ^^ if you don't mind