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  1. Almost all the rps I was in died suddenly, with no explanation. I'm back on the hunt again... *sighs*

    Looking for some MxM romance or bromance! Just wishing to avoid anything more adult because I'm terrible at it. Also, only interested in human/humanoid characters. I can't really wrap my brain around anything too close to an animal (shapeshifters, catboys, things like that are fine!)

    Below is my original post, but I'm open to other ideas! PM me or leave a comment if you have more ideas!

    New idea: Tough bodyguard with a shady past and possible enhanced abilities comes to work for a rich boy around his own age. Bodyguard is all about the mission, but never cared for any of the people he's worked for. Then again, none of them were ever so genuinely sweet and loving as the new boy.

    Other ideas:

    OK, here's the pitch- I play a male elf slave who is bought for the prince of the land, or a high-ranking male aristocrat, in a society that is used to pleasure slaves. However, said new master has never had one, and is completely against the idea, but can't get out of it easily because it's a diplomatic/status gift. (Obviously, nothing higher than PG-13 happens on-screen). New master is kind of a rough warrior/gruff jerk with a heart of gold, slave is deeply traumatized and doesn't know his own past, or how to trust others. Along the way, they discover things about their society, and themselves, and they grow to trust each other and form an EPIC BROMANCE/ROMANCE.

    Idea number 2- During a war on an AU version of Earth (WWIII, perhaps) a secret underground lab is mostly destroyed, leaving only one bewildered survivor, who is found by an outsider by accident. Said outsider brings the experiment home, but the experiment acts strangely, and it's soon apparent what he was created for. OR two 'experiments' escape and have to survive on the streets.

    FILLED (Idea number 3- Some prince/knight bromance would be fun as well. The prince and his trusted knight could be on the borders of the land (it's a magical land, naturally) fighting off the darkness that's encroaching on their happy kingdom. While fighting, one of them could be tainted with some kind of curse that makes them want to kill the other, and the untainted one has to take care of them and help them find a cure.)

    Idea number 4- Demonslayer meets a half-demon who has decided to side with his good half, and they learn to work together.

    Idea number 5- Two undercover agents (who may or may not be friends, it's up for dicsussion) have to pose as college roommates at a school possibly secretly developing biological weapons. Seriousness and slice-of-life, and maybe one of the guys accidentally contracting the synthetic virus and nearly dying. Vague supernatural elements would be fun to add in.

    Any other ideas you have are open for discussion. Let's see where this takes us!

    Please, be literate and insightful about your character. I can post nearly every day, or every other day, but I know people have lives, so I'm not going to have a conniption if you don't. Every few days, at least, would be nice. Also, paragraph posts are what I'm looking for. I would also prefer not to have to carry the whole weight of the rp (so far, the rpers on here are awesome, but I've had bad experiences in the past). If you happen to know, or be a fan of, Gundam Wing, I will love you forever! If not, that's ok. :D
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  2. Still looking...
  3. I'm interested in idea number 4 ^^
  4. Yaaaay! PM me and we can discuss details :D
  5. I'm quite possibly interested in this one.
    But just one question first. Is this idea just bromance? (It's cool for me either way. It's just for clarification purposes)
  6. It could be bromance or romance, whichever you prefer. I like both! The only thing I don't do is smut (nothing higher than a very hard PG-13). I'll let you choose which you'd prefer to do :D
  7. I'm always a sucker for a good bromance. :D How about we just see where it goes then. If it stays as a bromance or becomes a romance?
    And that's fine. I don't do that either.
  8. That sounds great! We'll just see where it takes us :D Let me write out the prompt and I'll put the link to the thread here.
  9. Okay. Just a heads up, it's night time for me, so I wont reply until the morning. :)
  10. That's fine! It'll take me a little while to write the prompt. I'll just leave it here for tomorrow. Sleep well!
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  11. Quite interested in your first Idea.
  12. Marvelous! PM me and we can discuss details :D
  13. Here we go again...
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