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  1. (Warning! Your character can and most likely will die! If this happens you can make another character or leave the RP. I will only allow 5 people to join the RP at one time)

    This is not an epic story of a team of hero's banning together to stop the ultimate evil. This is not a story about a master of his own arts defending the world from mas destruction. This story is not about a kings trouble or about running away from something great. No this story is something much different than what we normally are told about. I guess we should give away at least part of the story now so people will understand whats going on.

    This story starts with a young human, or a couple of them really, who joins the army in hopes of great adventure, wealth, fame, and a good story or two to tell. Right off the bat they don't get any of that. Instead of being on the front lines and slaying beast they are sent to a small town considered to be under no threat. This is what they call the back lines. The only reason they send soldiers their is to deal with small lurking creatures who hide away and can't cause much trouble but are enough to scare the commoners. This really wasn't a prime position for any of which these young warriors seek. Not any over than fifteen soldiers are needed here... really one would be enough to hold these small nothings away but the general seems to think this is a good way for training soldiers without any immediate danger as long as whoever is behind the weapon pays attention. A few will die here every year for not paying attention to details but those men shouldn't have been in the military at all considering a farmer with his pitchfork to hold off dozens of these things with no assistance at all.

    Lurker.jpg (Lurker; Stands little over two feet tall: Threat 1)

    After a while, maybe less than a full moon's phase, new creatures started to show up. Even the weakest of soldiers could better then but they traveled in packs of ten or more. For the fifteen soldiers it wasn't any trouble if not than very little. The new creatures were normally armed with a club at most and used leather half body armor, nothing to fret about. A couple champions of these beast showed up once in a while but even then two soldiers could kill the fat thing without a problem. Sure the champions could take allot of punishment but they were as weak when it comes to fighting as the rest of them.

    GoatMan.jpg (GoatMan; Stands as tall as a human: Threat 1-3)

    Although this is where it started to get trickier. Between guarding against the two creatures that were weak by day the guardsmen relied on night for rest. They would have two patrol the walls at night just in case one of these creatures gets smart enough to realize humans sleep at night and its a good time to attack, they never did however another sort of creatures figured this out. They were the dead warriors of the past and, though were not as strong as they used to be, still required some skill and tactical thinking to over come. They traveled in groups ranging from two to twenty.

    BoneWarriors.jpg (SkeletonWarrior; Stands as tall as a human: Threat 3-4)

    (Warning! As the RP continues more creatures will be added!)

    Some other stuff

    Later on this RP will turn from defending to attacking. That is where half or the main story will take place depending on the players and how this story builds up. It will not be a easy kill everything type of deal, detailed fighting and strategies are encouraged. You will not post 'David drew his sword and killed the Skeleton with a single slash of greatness.' You should post David drew his sword and stood shakily as the Skeleton forces drew nearer. As he heard the horn signaling the guardsmen to attack he charged forward screaming only to be knocked to the ground by a shield. He feverishly blocked as his ally's tried to help but they were held up with their own opponents. Luckily one of the archers saw heard his cry for help and managed to shoot the skull, knocking the poorly held together skeleton's head off. David quickly got up only to be scathed by a sword. David started to block and swing feebly as more of the skeletons ran his way. "Oh god, help!" He cried as he started to retreat.' As you can tell, David is no hero and his life relies on all the other guards just as their lives rely on him should the time come where they are overrun.

    Character Skeleton

    Age: (18-25)
    Picture: (No real pictures, must be human)
    Weapon of choice: (Sword, Spear, Mace, Bow, (Ask for others))
    Personality: (You can flesh it out)



    Grave yard

  2. Name:
    Age: (18-25)
    Gender: Male
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    Weapon of choice: Sword (Two handed)
    Background: Joined the military so he could have stories like his father. When he was sent to the back line he was a little annoyed but got over it. Atleast he could fight some monsters.
    Personality: (You can flesh it out)
    Other: Medic
  3. I've gotta say, all of your RPs look interesting, Norway. ^^ May I sign up? And also, when I post my character sheet, is it alright if I put a picture in later, or do you prefer I have it now?
  4. Without pictures I can tell you if its half accepted but you can't have a bad ass picture if your character is a novice soldier type of thing. You have time however, I don't think this will start any time soon.
  5. Name: Emmalina Cael

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female


    Weapon of choice: Bows of all kinds.

    Background: Emmalina, or better known as Em' or Emma was the daughter of a skilled archer who once served in the army but left after his wife died. He settled in a calm forest where Em grew up her father very loving. She started training at a very young age in the ways of a hunter and despite her initial shy aura she became a skilled one at that. Her parents were married quite long ago before she had first been born they had very little luck at first as they tried to get a child but six years later, Emmalina came out of no where. Her parents, giving birth to her in later time than the usual and so Emmalina was only sixteen after her father died of a surprise attack in the forest. The house was unscathed and she continued living there where she practiced and practiced hunting until she decided to join the army to try and avenge her father's death.

    Personality: Insecure in her looks and abilities she joined the army hoping to somehow avenge her parents despite her obviously quieted natural nature. She often reprimands herself for the slightest things and somewhat overacts when she's done something wrong.

    Other: When nervous/embarass she's horrible in combat when she can concentrate she's is much better.

    Haai Nor. You know I'm a sucker for medieval stuff, so I shall join this. :D
  6. Accepted

    I thought I would see you showing up xD, also inbox me the monster that you wanted to have killed the father, I may make it a boss xD
  7. hay Ruf, just to make sure it's fine, given your characters shyness and cuteness, I think she will be hit on by the other guards when on down time.
  8. Alrighty then. :3