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  1. It's been a while since I've been around. A long while. Long enough to where I'm lucky that Chrome reminded me of my password. :cry:

    I'm on the hunt for a few roleplays to entertain me. I'm up for a variety of plots, mainly anything fantasy, steam punk, or horror based. I'll do pairings of just about any sort (if romance or fun times gets involved) but my preference is for either MxF or MxM. I'll even do a few fandom roleplays, from Metal Gear Solid to Durarara, and more if I know them. Since there is the possibility of any of my roleplays going to inappropriate subjects, player discretion is HIGHLY advised.

    My preference in a partner: decent English (intermediate and up), ability to help move the plot along (though I could probably do it myself, I like a bit of creative help from time to time), and someone friendly. I like talking to people sometimes...

    Typically, I'll make up characters within an hour or two after the plot of the roleplay is discussed if I do not have one on hand to use. It's not necessarily having to think up the details, it's just my absurd need to have a picture done for each of my characters. It's not really necessary, just something I enjoy doing.

    If you're interested, post or send me a message! If not, have a great search anyways!:confetti:
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  2. I am Interested (:

    Just came back form a Hiatus and on the hunt for good RP partners.
  3. If you've got any ideas or preferences, I'd be happy to hear them! Otherwise, I might be able to come up with something by the morning.
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask if you would like to do something with Blue Exorcist? If not, that's fine. But I figured there would be no harm in asking. :3
  5. I'm certain I could manage to pull that off! Feel free to send me a message so we can discuss it further. :bsmile:
  6. I'd be interested in an MxM pairing please!
    (I PMed you just so you know.)
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