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Back into the game.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zidlijan, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Hell yeh I am.
    What I kinda want:

    Genre Specific

    Preferred Genre(s) or Fandom(s): V

    • -Modern times
    • -Dark
    • -maybe some zombies to change
    • -I DON’T DO FANDOM related roleplays, I’m sorry I just don’t.
    • -abusive relationships (I want to be victim!)
    • -self harm
    • -violence
    • -killing
    • -yanderes
    • -suicidal
    • -strong drama
    • -apocalyptic/post apocalyptic
    • -house hold
    • -abusive family
    • -abuse

    • Horror
    • Mind play
    • Abuse
    • Murderer x suicidal person
    • Android x Human

    Preferred Word Count: None

    Preferred Violence Content: Free for all

    Preferred Sexual Content: A bit maybe.

    Preferred Level: grammar, please, I have a disorder and it's confusing when there is grammar holes ; - ;

    Not Looking for: merry go lucky characters, Mary sues or characters that are childish*shrug.* Also I dislike characters who are always right or always want to do the ‘right’ thing. I also hate girl characters so no please. A fluffy colorful roleplay, with love and butterflies and peace.
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  2. Someone?
  3. seriously i'm desperate
  4. Are you okay with male/male pairings? 'cause if so, i volunteer :3 I love your idea of a murderer/a suicidal person
    Yes hi i love your idea, i always play suicidal tough, are you comfortable with that?
  6. Sure, I'll buy the ring :P I'm fine with playing the murderer; I need to branch out in character types anyways x3 How do we want the characters to know each other/what do we want their general relationship to be?
  7. Well i would like it if that devels in the rp, but i'd like them to meet in a way that the murderer ends up saving the kid this time
    I also like age gaps, is that ok with you? (over 15 toh)
  8. If you are still looking for partners I would love to oblige
  9. I'm willing to RP with you if you're still available.
  10. Sounds good with me ^^ And I'm fine with age gaps, as long as it can be justified as a fairly legal age gap (so, like, 16 and 20 would be fine but 16 and 35 wouldn't)
  11. Yeees to you!

    ; u ; which idea caught your attention??

    Yes! ; u ;
  12. I personally would like the murderer x suicidal person please
  13. @Zidlijan

    I'd like something with a Yandere person :o
  14. Of course of course, i would rather take the bottom role, is that's ok with you?

    Yeeeeeeeessss i am all aboardddd
  15. If you don't have a plot in mind, shall we further discuss one in the PMs?
  16. As you wish 030 Go ahead!
  17. Yeah that's fine I prefer being the crazy one anyways~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.