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    Okay, so I'm trying to get back into roleplaying, and while I wanted to try bettering myself before I came back here, the only other two sites I know that have relatively good RP sections are either too dead or seem to ignore me in favor of fancier posters. So here I am...

    While I have had issues in the past, I am working on bettering myself as a roleplayer and as a whole, so they may or may not be less prominent than before.

    Now onto the info...

    • If I drop out, feel free to spray me with cold water.
    • I've been roleplaying on and off for a bit more than a year, and writing for only a few months more
    • I'm in PST, and am attending high school.
    • I only roleplay in thread or PM.
    • Please be patient with my replies. If I take 3 days, kindly remind me, and if I take 4 more, feel free to kick me out.
    • I write at a roughly intermediate level.

    Now roleplay-wise...

    • Animals/Furries
    • Realistic
    • Historical
    • Photos as face claims (I feel weird using people's photos for my characters)
    • Canon characters (I cannot play canon characters to save my life)
    • Relationships with age gaps of 10+ years, unless supernatural (I just find them weird, IDK)

    It Depends
    • Fandom. I would probably need some guidance for even my favorite/most familiar fandoms.

    And onto ideas, pairings, and plot candies...

    Plot Candies
    • Cute romantic or friendship scenes
    • Modern fantasy settings

    Key for the Following
    • ○ for variants of the above idea

    Italics for my preferred role.
    • ♥s for what I'm craving.

    • Human x Android/Gynoid/Doll ♥
    • Supernatural x Human ♥
    ○ Ghost x Human
    ○ Demon x Human
    • Supernatural x Supernatural ♥
    ○ Demon x Angel
    • Master x Servant (Not slave)
    ○ Master x Maid
    • Prince x Priestess

    Human x Program
    FxF, MxF, MxM (Can be friendship, though)
    (Char A) acquires a copy of Vocaloid (Char B) (It can also be something else, like an AI). However, after a storm, (Char B)'s software turns out to have a tiny glitch: (Char B) comes out of the computer and is functionally “alive”.
    (I'm thinking maybe it could be a bit like AI Love You, where Char B can like control technology and stuff or...)
    (Modern Reincarnation) Hero x Demon Lord ♥
    FxF, MxF, MxM
    Centuries ago, according to legend, a hero "vanquished" the Demon Lord; but in reality, the gods just killed them both, and sent them on a journey of reincarnation. Through their previous reincarnations, they have either fought or have never come in contact with each other, but in their latest incarnation, they somehow start to find each other strangely attractive!?
    (The Demon "Lord" does not have to be male)

    Feel free to suggest your ideas. The worst I can do is turn them down.
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  2. Hi! I'm looking to get back into RP as well.
    A Supernatural x Human RP sounds pretty cool. What did you have in mind? Demons? Witches? Vampires?
  3. I just put that as a general catch-all, but now that I think of it, demons sound cool. Interested?
  4. Totally. The question is whether they'd be sympathetic or not. Like, is it a demon in the traditional sense, all evil and junk? Or does it actually try to, or want to be nice? Or the demon is a bad guy who gets a soft spot in its heart for a particular character. (Read: The love interest.)
  5. Good question (I have a bad habit of leaving stuff out). The last choice seems most interesting. If I still have your interest, your preferred role?
  6. Hmm. It depends. I usually play guys, if that makes any difference to you. I'd like to play the demon character, but it really is up to you since it was your idea in the first place.
  7. No problem with either of those statements, in fact, I encourage the latter (I don't mind practicing my "evil"-aligned characters elsewhere). I'm probably going to play a male for this, as well. Besides a starter, anything else missing?
  8. Hmm. Human dude plus demon dude. Maybe a setting? A kinda sorta plot?
    I nominate a semi-mundane setting where things are mostly normal, but everybody acknowledges the existence of supernatural beings. They don't understand it. They don't seek it out. They just know it's there.
  9. Whoops. lost track of time. Unfortunately, I've gotten caught up with something else.
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