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Skylar goes into class. Summer was over. She had spent her entire holiday in Florida, spending time in Disneyland with her siblings. The holiday was great, and it was really great to spend time with her family. She wasn't able to have any contact with her boyfriend because all of their electronics were taken away so they could spend more time together as a family. She bought her camera though, and had taken a lot of photos on the holiday and was going to print them out after school to put in her scrapbook. When she goes into class, she goes over to her boyfriend and hugs him from behind. "Guess who?" She asks, teasingly.
Dylan had spent his summer camping and having some quality time with his guy friends, as his girlfriend was away all summer. He wasn't really interested in girls, getting drunk, or smoking, but he might have had some new experience during that summer.

Dylan was in class at the back of the row, his back to the door, with an empty seat beside him, reserved for his girlfriend. Dylan smiled widely as he felt the familiar, soft hands wrapped around his eyes. He pulled her hands off and kissed the inside of her hands before turning around.

"The only one I need to see right now."He smiled. "How was the sunmer?"
Skylar giggles and then kisses his cheek, then moves to sit behind him. "My summer was great, Disneyland was super cool. My mom and dad took away all of our electronics except the camera so I could spend time with my family" She says and rolls her eyes, she had got her phone back which she was glad about. "How was camping?" She asks Dylan.
Dylan still held her hand as she took a seat beside him, smiling charmingly at her, admiring her beauty. "Yeah? Well maybe you needed that family break." He said with a wider smile, knowing she missed him as much as he missed her. "It was cool, Adam almost burned down the whole forest, but thankfully, we got back home safely!" He said.
Skylar held his hand. "I'm glad I can see you again. I really missed you" She says and then leans in to kiss him. "I love you and don't ever forget that" She whispers and then got out her books when their teacher arrived. She wondered how her younger sister was doing, she had just started High school and was super nervous but was glad to start making friends and learning new things.
Dylan's smile only widened and a soft blush formed on his face. No matter how long they have been together, she still made him nervous and all knotted inside. He pecked her lips before turning to his bag and getting out his book. "I love you too by the way." He whispered before turning to their teacher.
Skylar smiles and then giggles to herself. Dylan was her everything and they'd been together since 9th Grade. She was already ready to marry him, even though she was only 16 years old. She was already thinking about how wonderful their wedding would be, they'd get married somewhere extravagant. She laughs to herself as she doodled a little in her notebook. Then the bell rang and she stood up.
Dylan paid attention in class, his top interest besides Skylar was to succeed in school, get a scholarship, and get to university. So he shut off everything and only focused on taking notes. When the bell rang, he put everything in his bag and stood up as well.

"What class do you have next?"
Skylar thought for a moment. "Art" She says. She hated Art, and she already hadn't done her homework which wouldn't be a great start to the year. She was expecting a detention or lecture on 'getting homework organised and done'. She rolled her eyes. Maybe their teacher would be nice today and would let her off, or she would just forget they even had any homework. "I didn't do any homework, I left all of my school books and homework back at home during my holiday" She says and then chewed her bottom lip.
Dylan looked at his schedule, he had history. He looked up at Skylar and smiled knowingly. "Clumsy you.." He mumbled and kissed her lips softly before handing her over a sketch. Dylan didn't take art classes because his parents thought it was a waste of time, but he liked art and actually knew how to draw.
"I made them a little shitty so she wouldnt doubt it's you." He said with a teasing chuckle before swinging his bag on his shoulder and walking off.
Skylar kisses him and then took the sketch, giggling. "Thanks, I'll see you after class" She says and then walked off to Art class. She sat down. Turns out the teacher remembered the homework so she was glad that Dylan had given her a sketch. She handed the teacher her homework, and their teacher took it and went to the person at the desk beside her.
Dylan just headed to his history class with a smile on his face and his books at hand. He met Adam halfway to the class and they started talking about some party taking place at the weekend. Now that his girlfriend was back, he was skeptical about if she will want to attend the parties or not.
Skylar was glad when class was over and then quickly headed out of class and stood outside the History room where Dylan was. She noticed that her sister was walking by, alone. Unlike Skylar, her younger sister was pretty shy and didn't say much. "Hey!" She calls out and then her sister's face brightened up and she goes over towards her. "How was class?"

"Boring" She says.

Skylar laughs. "Well, okay then. If you get lost then you can always ask me for directions, I know this school from the back of my hand".

"No, I think I'll be okay" She quickly says and Skylar laughs.
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