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    Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Where would you like to go? Do you have a specific reason for wanting to go there? Would it be a happy or sad event? If it is sad, why revisit it?

    I know that there have been roleplays that go back in time, do you like them? What type of characters have you plated? Was it a one time thing or are you planning to be in another time travel roleplay?
  2. Time travel hurts my brain because of cause and effect. It bothers me so much that I have a mad scientist in a super hero universe that will kill anyone claiming to have time traveled on sight, including herself!
  3. I would not go back in time myself for a few reasons. 1) I am a girl. The past wasn't really kind to us. 2) I am a tech-junkie. I NEED my computer and my internet. 3) If the machine has the ability to pop me anywhere in the world, I'd probably use it more as a teleport than an actual time-machine.

    I've had one time traveller, though being honest, he was more the companion of the time traveller, just pulled along for the ride.
  4. Assuming that such a thing as time travel could be accomplished, I would love to study some of the ancient pieces of literature that were in the libraries that were sacked and destroyed over the millenia.
  5. Time travel is one thing I really really do not like due to the horrid consequences it would bring. I won't fully go into why I dislike it but I will say this; whatever you do in the past effects the future and I have yet to be in a roleplay that could fully grasp that subject.

    Sure, I myself would love to go back in time, but not meet these people or do anything to alter the past so it does not effect the future (even if the event was terrible, it'd still leave a gap. Say for instance you prevented a genocide from happening in one place, it'd just happen in another. You can't win for losing here), to just read the ancient scrolls/books, and learn from my betters and my icons.

    But I'd really keep my nose out of the past, because I am more interested in the future I will make for myself.
  6. I would go back in time if I could (dressed as a guy) I would probably go to ancient Rome. Why? BECAUSE FRESH AIR, AWESOME CLOTHES, AWESOME BUILDINGS, AWESOMENESS!!!

    I have only rped two time travel rps, one group rp that I don't remember the name of. But I bet someone else remembers it x3 We got stuck with cavemen and then on titanic, then it died xD And now I am doing a one x one where I got thrown back in time to Ancient Egypt. I enjoy time travel rps a lot, but I wouldn't want to do them too often since then it would probably get boring fast. It's kind of a special thing that you just do sometimes now and then. :9
  7. If I ever wanted to go back in time, I wouldn't go to epochs long past, however much I take inspiration from them. I wouldn't go to my parents' and grandparents' pasts, even just to see what their lives were like, because the consequences on my to-be existence would be dire. No.

    If I ever wanted to go back in time, I would go back to my childhood. I would see myself, fix myself, give myself direction. Yeah, one can say that I have issues concerning how I see myself.
  8. I'd go back to last thursday night so I could pay my phone bill on time.
  9. Time travel is a major headache for me and messing with time has serious consequences. However, if I could travel back in time without any of the consequences showing up, I would probably visit the philosophers of the ancient ages, learn from the greatest minds of history and their biggest mistakes, then reap the benefits. Alternatively, I would just see every age in its glory, especially the age of the industrial revolutions and steam.