Back in Time: A Harry Potter Roleplay

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  1. Plot (open)
    No one expected that Voldemort would win the war.The Golden Trio fell one after the other then he turned his vengeance on The Malfoys leaving all of them dead. McGongall before he could get to her grabbed the students that were the brightest.Dumbledore always had a plan B if Voldemort won. She sends the students back into time ,the year is 1942 Tom Riddle is a 15 year old student plotting the future. The Group has to change their last names in order to get past the dark lord. But the students never attended to find love back in the past.

    Characters From the Past (open)

    Abraxas Malfoy- Him
    Jackson Potter- Him
    Septimus Weasley- Him
    Regulus Black- Him
    Lyall Lupin-him
    Marie Parkinson -
    Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Senior -Him
    Leonardo Lestrange-Him
    Charles Zabini - Him
    Bonnie Zabini- Her

    If there is anymore you want to suggest please put it down.

    I feel as though this could either be a group or a One On One Roleplay. For one on one we would each create a character then we would pick on of the males or maybe a female to be our crush.

    Now if this is a group I'd prefer a small group with basically the same thinking as above.
  2. ~ You have my interest but I have a quick question! We are paired up with someone who plays a past character?

    So if we wanted to be someone from the present I could do Hermione and than be another character from the Past list?

    If so I would just want to put down now a reserve for Hermione and Bonnie Zabini because I know how quick spots go and how my alerts aren't always active.
  3. Well The golden trio had died in the battle of Hogwarts so it is the exact opposite of what happened. The characters going back in time would be completely Orignal characters save Neville, Seamus and maybe Luna.

  4. ~ Would Ginny be alive than since she wasn't a member of the Golden Trio?
  5. Most likely though bellatrix still tried to kill her so she may be dead.. I haven't planned on having many canon characters in it
  6. I would actually love to join this! Would we be trying to get back into Hogwarts to follow he who must not be named? Or would we be operating outside of the school?
  7. What we would do is they would go into the school changing there last names so no one would expect that they were from the ffuture. They would be transfers from different school around the country.
  8. I would love to join! On the CS sheet do you pick the person that's going to the past or do you pick someone of the past or how are you going to have them couple up?
  9. What we would do I is if we are going back in time then we could have originals and we could choose one of the character that I had came up with
  10. So we would be playing both two people, present and past people? I just want to make sure I'm getting it right
  11. Yes that is what I'm thinking about doing
  12. Sounds good ^.^
  13. Do you think we should start it now or wait until there is more interest? ​
  14. Well, how many do you want to start? Because from what I can see there is four, three females and a male. Maybe more male interest?
  15. I was really hoping everyone would pick a male and female choosing which is orignal.
  16. Which I don't mind doing, but what about everyone else? I would ask them if they are cool with doing that before started the main idea
  17. @Shayla @Finn would you be OK doing that I said?
  18. I'm good with it and more than willing to keep to what I had chosen in mind beforehand for past with Bonnie Zabini.

    Do you think you could tell us which present characters are allowed to be used though so it is more clear? Our characters will be paired up with other's characters correct?
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