Back in Action

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  1. Hi everyone, you can call me Nuada (named after the Irish deity, not the Hellboy character).
    I'm 23 and have been role-playing since 2007 when I was introduced to it by a couple friends as a junior in high school. I fell in love with it, and was very active in MySpace roleplay for several years before it seemingly died, and I've been looking for a new site ever since. Maybe you role played with me then as Ookami Zetsumei, or one of my other dark themed characters. If so let me know, it would be great to reconnect. I love role-playing in that style, with any kind of crazy character popping up from any number of genre's, in a universe where nearly anything is possible. It's so good to finally find an active roleplay community, so here I am, thanks for having me.

    -Nuada Airgetlam
  2. Greetings, Nuada! :D Welcome to the community!