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  1. He couldnt stop running, and running, his feet had to keep moving. Barry Allen had just found his research on how to get Wally West , his nephew, out of the Speedforce.
    "IM COMIN WALLY!!!" Barry yelled as he retraced his steps to where Wally and he had been running before Wally zapped.
    His body trembled knowing that if this worked Wally could come back, different. Probably more enlightened on the speed force. Barry started to sprint in a circle as he opened his mind to the Speedforce, something Barry himself unknowingly created in his beginnings. In the midst of the vortex a red glove popped out, vibrating at a controlled pace.
    "WALLY???!!!" Barry screamed smiling as Wally fell into the middle of the vortex. Wally stood and ran to hug Barry,"Uncle Barry!" He yelled as he hugged him. "Oh my fucking god Wally youre okay! Artemis is gonna be so happy!" At that Wally smiled,"Artemis!" Before Wally disappeared Arty told him that she was pregnant.

    (Go ahead and join in , this story mainly focuses on the Flash family and anyone related friendwise)
  2. { Just going to play an OC around Wally's age or something c: }
    • Daughter of Rorschach <Walter Kovacs>. Though no one knows this but herself of course. He'll soon be arrested where she saves him (as her comeback).. Similar to the watchmen movie.. Only she saves him.. XD
    • Strawberry blonde hair, Blue eyes.
    • Bubbly, curious, 'adorkable'. However she can easily deceive, is very observant, and can be surprisingly intimidating.... A slight lunatic.. Something she gets from her father.
    • She is Neutral and her secret identity USED TO BE 'The golden glider'. She was able to fly and was considered the only one to 'slow' down his movements. Possibly even catch up to him. But she lost these powers and will soon make a 'come back' to be a regular vigilante like her father's case.
    • Rosemary is currently a forensic assistant under Barry Allen (I hope I can do this)l who is her superior.
    • All in all, she seems like a normal young girl. When she's actually not.
      Rorschach (open)
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  3. (I feel like I could skip to the next day or something o.o.... To day time,. Tell me to edit his so I know you disapprove of 'skipping'. Your post just sounds like I can >_<)

    It has been a while since Rosemary last saw Wally, her superior's nephew surprisingly. There were times when she wanted to ask, but knew better then to bring such a heavy topic up on Barry. Hell, it would be considered rude quite possibly. She didn't know Wally personally. They were more like acquaintances at school really. The 'hi' 'bye' type of friends who only interacted once. Their first and last interaction was when he was volunteering as a 'teacher's assistant' for her period and ended up talking to Rosemary throughout the whole class. He was completely open with her! And immediately Rosemary had a crush on him! Literally secretly freaking out about him with friends whenever she spotted him from afar. But that was long ago! And was her father happy about not hearing:

    "I saw wally!"
    "I think he knows I like him!"

    To sum it up, during Rosemary's one sided puppy love, Where wally probably did know she liked him since her friends made obvious gestures, Walter would call her a creep directly as she laughed. But like said that was long ago, and most likely a phase he thought. Now it was the afternoon of a sunny and windy day, and Rosemary was at a crime scene, investigating the most recent crime of a man who was shot in the head and thrown out a window. The blonde's long golden locks of hair was in a messy yet presentable bun and she wore a comfortable light weighted yet very warm jacket, jeans, and a white shirt. Her plastic gloves on the ground as she squatted. Her superior, Barry Allen, was always late. People often wondered how she dealt with such an 'irresponsible' man, her father especially who wasn't the patient type and she would often defend him. Maybe that's how the got along. If anything, they were more like friends as well then just coworkers.

    Rosemary stand up straight as the head officers stared and watched in silence. She walked in one direction, near the dumpster and gestured and officer to give her a lift, which he did as she inspected the dump with her flashlight appearing in one of her hands."someone was sheltering here... You can tell because the trash had been dug up specifically and some ripped." Explained the young girl."The guy who shot the victim ran through here.." Rosemary then climbed over the dumpster, and jumped up to a wall as she hanged there. Eventually she managed to lift her weight up and over the brick walk before grinning."Bingo!" She said, jumping off the 9 foot brick wall, landing perfectly. What she found was thick tire tracks and a closed fence ahead of her. The killer or killers, must've drove off in a hurry ahead, opening then closing the gates. She pocketed the flashlight and waited for someone to come to her side. She should wait before investigating any more closer.

    Rosemary leaned against the brick walk waiting patiently. Was anyone going to come to this side? How long could it take!? She sighed. She also missed her secret identity as 'the golden glider'. The girl or first 'metahuman' to slow down the flash's movements and speed. Now she had to think of a new identity, but didn't quite know what. All she did was train with her father, and even go with him to kick some ass. The girl took out her iPhone, a cloud of warmth escaping her lips as she began to rapidly text and press buttons.


    Hey, are you almost here yet? The other superiors are ignoring me!
    Unless you come here as fast as you can, then they'll start listening!

    With that, Rosemary sent the messages to Barry Allen and bit her lower lip, walking around the area for more clues.
  4. Barry and Wally had set it up to where Wally could see Arty , now 8 months pregnant,Barry chuckled "Hey kiddo i gotta jet, Rosemary is waiting at a crime scene, be home for dinner though!" He yelled as he sped there. Once on the scene he sped up behind Rosemary and tapped her shoulder, "What are we waiting on?"
  5. Tap, tap, tap...

    Feeling tapping on her shoulder, Rosemary turned around and suddenly jolted back, startled."Hm--Woah!--JESUS CHRIST!" The girl yelled, her phone fumbling between her hands before she caught it in a awkward position. Rosemary looked up at Barry and huffed, furrowing her eyebrows as she stand up straight, regaining her posture."You scared me! You could've just told me you were nearby!" She said, lightly pushing her superior before shaking her head and hitting herself."Gosh.. We were.. Well, I was waiting for you.. Whatever.. Um.." The fact that barry appeared out of the blues was just confusing her, but she thought nothing of it of course and squatted near the crime scene.

    "Well.. Someone was shot dead." She explained."On the other side of this wall.. I saw some evidence at the dump behind the wall and climbed over here, see those tracks?" The blonde, or 'goldilocks' pointed down at the thick tire tracks implanted on the dirt of the ground."I assume a large truck. Ford truck. I know those tire patterns and the length." She grinned, nodding triumphantly."That's all I can find.." Added Rosemary.