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    This plot centers around a seventeen year old girl named Danielle Prescott, whom moved back to her home town in California. When she was around eight years of age, her family picked up and moved to Georgia. Now she's back, and you could imagine she's having a harder time adjusting. Not only this, she's meeting new people who are going to make her senior year one hell of a ride. It's still uncertain if she'll get out alive.

    Danny, with first glance, could be seen as the sweet young woman whom has a bright future and a loving family. Well, don't judge a book by it's cover. Sometimes the most tragic of stories have the prettiest paperbacks. Why? Maybe because the person enduring this story is gorgeous, inside and out.
    If you haven't guessed by now, Danielle has had a tough life, and still does. She just happens to be strong enough to put on a fake smile and walk through hell with her head held high. Resilient and rare, you don't find many people like her, not near enough.

    When Danielle was fourteen, her mother was murdered, brutally at that, and in front of her. Trial went on for months until they finally gave up, unable to find the killer. However, they were blind to the fact that it was Danny's father who killed her mother- they denied Danielle's answer yet they continued asking her. She'd witnessed the killing, and her father hates her for it. Before that incident, life wasn't easy anyway. It was if Mr. Prescott came home simply to beat Danielle and her mother half to death each night. Away with murder, Mr. Prescott continues to beat Danny. Thankfully she has a car and avoids her house as much as possible, sleeping away from home sometimes if need be. Occasionally her father is passed out, drunk, on the couch and she can't sneak up to her room.

    This is the part of Danielle's life that no one knows about. Every day, she suffers through it.

    However, when a guy from her High School barges into her life, he finds out the hard way. Of course, they fall deeply and madly in love. Of course, if you loved someone, and knew they were being beat nearly every night, you'd get sick of it too, right? What is he going to do as things get worse for Danielle? There may be a night where she shares the same fate as her mother.

    ↓Content Ratings↓

    This means physical abuse. There will be some scenes in the role-play where Danielle is going to be hurt badly by her father; the intensity will vary.

    Buckets of Tears
    This story will be sad on many occasions. If you're sensitive, have some tissues.

    It's a Kissing Book
    There will be romance between Danielle and your character. Most of the plot is developing their love for each other.

    Language: Mild
    Cursing will be allowed, though not used heavily.

    Sexual Themes
    There may be a part or two within this role-play where Danielle and your character get intimate. Undergarments stay on and there will be no sex, but again, they may get intimate.

    All about 'em.

    Please do follow Iwaku's rules, for the most part, as well!

    Be Descriptive
    The posting expectation is Advanced for a reason. I really appreciate detailed and descriptive replies, and I admire a paragraph or more to work with. I shouldn't have to say this, but if you give me a one-liner I'm done. There is always a way to avoid a one sentence response. Know what you're doing, what role-play terms mean, and most of all, make sure you're really involved into the plot so you can give me good replies. Make sure to give me great grammar and neat spelling, as well as organized writing! Know how to bring powerful emotion to your character, as well.

    Be Kind and Respectful
    Don't try to take over this role-play. While I love suggestions and ideas, I don't want you telling me to change anything. I created this Rp. That said, be friendly! I like making new friends, so.

    Read my Resume
    It's the best way to know what I like and don't like!

    Have Fun
    Have fun! This role-play is flexible, so we can come up with ideas to spice it up and such.


    ( You can give me a picture but please add a written description, please. )



    ( Our character forms will be placed here. )
  2. Name: John Frey
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair: Short ear length brown hair clipped in the back, normally messy.
    Eyes: Hazel eyes
    Skin: Pale white
    Body type: Thin and lanky, slightly muscular.
    Physical Features: Thin cheeks and pronounced cheekbones, bright eyes, small perky mouth, shaped nose, strong jawline, rounded off chin
    Personality: Very quirky and slightly awkward, rarely opens up to people, his brief encounters with other people include sarcasm, mockery and dismissal, a huge music nerd, plays guitar and sings, very odd sense of humor, finding joy in things that most people view as regular and don't find funny at all, can be a very nice and caring person when he wants to be and cares dearly for his close friends.
    Backstory: John has been singled out and left in the dust most of his life, his parents did care dearly for him at one time, but since their divorce when John was 5, nothing was quite the same, full custody was given to his mother, much to his father's dismay, the two moved from John's hometown of New Orleans to many different places, he had little time to make friends in each town, and lost touch with them just as easily, he avoided his mother and blamed her for everything, when she tried to get near him he shoved her away and hoped that he would be able to go home some day. When he was about 9 an opportunity arose for him to visit his father back in NY, he was of couorse, ecstatic and begged his mother to let him, she reluctantly agreed and he went off, when he did meet up with his father, all the joy in his life had come back for that month, and at the end of it, his father gave him a present, his guitar, a brandlesssmall bodied acoustic, he quickly fell in love and has treasured the instrument ever since, the music was his only escape through all the different homes and troubled friendships, ever since he was 16 he and his mother have settled in California, and things for him are just now starting to look up.
    Interests/Hobbies: Plays guitar at a master level, writes lyrics and sings, also loves to paint, he spends most of his time listening to music.
  3. (I tried to post a picture but I couldn't find a good one so I was thinking that I could just link you to a video of the person I based the character off of, if that's okay with you?)
  4. Yeah, of course! Sounds awesome. :) I look forward to doing this role-play with you.
  5. All right! same here

    that's the video, the guitarist is who the character is based off of

  6. this video is sort of better for an overall example
  7. you should also so a thing with a picture or video or something maybe?
  8. Oh, I'm writing Danielle's bio now. :D
  9. Awesome c:
  10. [​IMG]

    Danielle Kay Prescott
    Danielle is a slender and lithe female whom stands at a height at around five'seven and a half. Soft, olive toned skin is found on her body as well as freckles here and there, mostly on her nose ridge and cheeks. Adorned with red hair, her head is defined and accompanied with a small nose, pink, powdery lips, as well as brilliant green eyes that accent her ginger, silken, long hair perfectly. The seventeen year old's body is soft and beautiful; she's thin but no toothpick. As far as outfits go, you'll usually find her wearing jeans, converse, and t-shirts as well as off-shoulder tops. Skinny jeans and leather boots on occasion, as well. Always, she sports a necklace that her mother gave her before she was murdered. It's silver and drapes over her chest, at it's end, a winged charm.
    Danielle is a quiet girl when you first meet her. Soft-spoken and not at all out-going, you'll usually have to strike up a conversation with her first. Of course she'll talk, maybe not too much at first. Once you befriend her, though, she's a sweetheart and just generally caring and always open to help others. You'll never have a dull moment with this one; Danny is a very creative girl. Whether it's drawing, filming, or playing piano, she does quite a lot of artsy stuff. She'll sing to every song she knows on the radio, as well as dance and other things. A great sense of humor adorns her, and she can even be a playful kind of sarcastic when wanted. Danielle's friends are her life, but nowadays, she doesn't really have any left. Great at school, she's got a good future ahead of her as far as college goes. Just a cheerful and amazing person altogether, and it's surprising that she can light up a room with her bright smile despite what she's been through.
  11. I like the sound of her, do you have any sort of picture or something that I could use for a better idea?
  12. I put one in just above the bio, here it is again right below in case you didn't see it.

  13. ooo pretty
    okie then, are we ready to do this thing?
    if so you should start
  14. Alright, I'll go over to the Rp thread and start us off! :D
  15. (yoh. could i possibly make a childhood friend of the main character?) @Flicker
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