Back From the Rabbit Hole At Last!

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  1. So here I am again, although I don't think I know anyone here anmore. I was, many moons ago, a member of AFTA under a different name. However, I'm a new person with a new name and I'm pleased to meet or re-meet all of you. I'm a compulsive writer (sadly not an artist) and I've been doing some form of roleplay for most of my life. It's a real love of mine that I'm finally coming back to. My undergrad minor was in Writing and my major was English and now I'm looking at pursuing an additional BA in Writing... So among that babbling I hope to convey how important both writing and reading are to me. In the past I have been a fairly quick and detailed poster and I definitely love scifi and fantasy roleplays as well as ones that deal with disturbing and/or adult themes. But I'm a nice person, I swear. I just like to write about scary things :)
  2. Hello/welcome back!

    I don't know you from your last time, I don't think, but it sounds like we'd get along! I'm also an english major (though currently out of school - it's expensive!) who loves fantasy roleplays and things that get gritty; I look forward to seeing you around!
  3. Thanks Minbit! High five for English! I'll be looking into starting roleplays once I knock out this paper so keep an eye out for me.
  4. *pokes the newborn persona with a tea spoon*
  5. I shall assist the Lady Ocha with the poking!


    Anyway. Welcome to Iwaku. :D It's excitingly not dead like AFTA!
  6. Haha, I'm excited Tribs. I was shocked when I went back to AFTA and found the state it was in. A friend of mine who was originally from Moonwings (and I think is here too) suggested Iwaku since it was pretty active. So hello to you and Lady Ocha!