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Back from the Pits

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by R-9 Pilot, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Well, here I am again, after a semester of being busy, which still isn't over. But, I'm going to give things another try, and do my best to keep active at least on the order of a post or so a day in a game or two.

    To introduce myself again, hello everyone. I am a person. I'm currently working on grad school in physics and am liable to eventually disappear (though hopefully with some notice) for one reason or another, but I think I can manage a glance at the forums once a day or so to do things. More often if I really get involved in stuff. I'm more used to chat roleplay or tabletop games, but it can be fun to just do the writing thing.

    I like scifi stuff, and some other things. I watch a lot of anime, and read a lot of manga. I...don't play so many video games these days, but I do still enjoy them. Not sure what else to ramble about, but I can answer questions if anyone has them. If not, well, I'll probably be around, looking for the occasional interesting thread idea.

    And I might try running something myself, maybe some unusual play-by-post in the dice-based forum. I've got a couple game systems I'd like to try but which I won't likely have a chance to run any time soon. Though the challenge there may be getting enough of the rules out to all the players. Alternatively, I may try running something magical girl or heavily anime-inspired in Mutants and Masterminds. Or just in general. I need to get some ideas together.
  2. Welcome back to the website! (:
  3. Welcome back! :D