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Alright I'm slowly making my way back from the dead on this site. If we've talked on here before I disappeared and wondering what happened short story is shit hit the fan. My life got really jumbled and I sort of left the internet for a bit minus a couple of sites and even those I wasn't on often. So after six months I'm back!
If we were rping before I sincerely apologize for suddenly dropping off the face of the earth and leaving our roleplays hanging and unfinished. If you'd like to start them up again just send me a message.

Back to business. I didn't check any of the content rating themes because I rp a lot of different things and they all apply, minus the 18+ since I'm 17. However I will be turning 18 in September. God I am not ready to be a legal adult. Anyways, I roleplay a variety of things and I'm comfortable with most everything, I'll tell you if anything you want to do is a no-no for me. One of the few things that I won't do as an example is rape or non-consensual sex scenes. Now I don't mind if a character has been a victim of rape if it's part of their backstory, I will just not roleplay such a scene.

When it comes to characters I mainly use a group of pre-made ones I have but I'm also pretty quick at coming up with new ones on the spot. I use male, female, and genderless identifying characters pretty evenly. If there is romance or sexual content I can roleplay m/m m/f f/f all pretty well, however I am most experienced with rping mature scenes between two male characters. With roleplaying in general I have around four or five years of experience.

When it comes to what I expect from roleplay partners I really don't ask for much, I like at least a couple of sentences and I'll usually match whatever length you do post. I'm pretty laid back in general, it'd be nice if you read over your post a couple of times before submitting but I don't really mind. If you are getting bored with a roleplay just tell me, we can either talk about how we can make it more interesting, trash it and start a new one, or just stop in general if it turns out we don't make the best partners. I am very understanding. However if you're going to roleplay an action please know how it's actually done, it's a small pet peeve of mine when a person's character supposedly knows how to perform a certain task but isn't roleplayed out properly. If that makes sense. Let's see, an example could be if your character is supposed to be really into BDSM there better be roleplay of our characters going over the plan, deciding safe words, safety in general, after care, etc. Does that make sense? Hopefully I got that to make sense.

Roleplay Wishlist:

-Circus/Freakshow performers
-Gang or organized crime
-Modern day magic users
-Battle Royal type situation
-Serial Killer duo
-Characters falling into a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland type world
-Stuck in a haunted house
-Human experiments

There's a lot of other ideas I want to roleplay but these are my top few. I'm also happy to hear any ideas you'd like to roleplay.
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Hey I'm interested in hearing some of your other ideas, the only thing though is I don't do smut, so if you're still interested PM me and we can brainstorm


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hello! i'd be interested in rpinggg eitherrr the serial killer duo or the human experiments one w/ you!!
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