Back from the dead (keyboard)

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  1. Not long after christmas I spilt coffee on my dear old laptop in an attempt to avoid the dogs head. Needless to say, laptop did not take kindly to this treatment and promptly died.

    But now I'm back and hopefully not too disgraced. I do fervently apologise to everyone I let down, especially those I didn't manage to contact in the aftermath of coffeegate.

    Anyway, if we did have a roleplay going and you'd like to rekindle the awesomeness, please drop me a line and I will respond with hugs, kisses and possibly illicit drugs.

    And as always, anyone can contact me for the sheer hell of it if they do so desire.

    Lots of love,

  2. Welcome back then, to awesomefilled Iwaku ^^

    And is that a case of voicing a view stating the idea of everything having its own distinct hell to it I see ?

    Gloriously then, lovely view of situations.

    Hope no new coffee-gate befalls you ;)
  4. Coffee will forever be the scourge of humanity, ruining laptops, burning lips, reaping money… such pain we bring upon ourselves.

    I'm glad you survived the obvious assault this evil substance had brought upon you. Welcome home
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.