Back from Rehab!

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As some of you know I have a history of bouncing around between people and drugs...I ran into my old heart break. She is getting married soon while her fiancé to be is off at basic. She told me stories of how he beat and her and blah blah blah.

Eight shots later, we're kissing. A week after that, she has a girlfriend AND a long distance boyfriend. Her friends in ROTC we're bringing her to go on a date with me, and then...they both had sex with her at the same time while I stood in the cold, waiting for them, outside of the restaurant.

Well, I had my crew over for smoking and drinking like a normal Friday night (and I'm able to smoke weed and do MDMA without getting hit by my old addiction triggers) and I go to take my "baby" home, leaving my friends in my basement. 5'4 me is taking 5'2 her home- a place that's 40 minutes away called Saint Charles. As I get her home, she breaks down and tells me what happened. Needless to say, I didn't take the news well. I did 90 mph all the way home- and came into my basement to find one of the two "friends" that had sex with her in my house.

Thankfully, Elijah and Nate were there. They've always been my best friends- they've never hit on me before and have saved me from many parties. Anyway, the Asian friend that had sex with her- lied- to my face. I grabbed the closest thing I could and swung for his head. Elijah, being a 6'7 giant, caught the baseball batons me when I tried to vault the poker tabe.
I then tried to get in a fistfight with the other low-life loser at school, but again, Elijah and Nate stopped me.
So they took me out to go party to get me out of the feels and someone was chasing a dragon in the corner. I joined in- and 9 hours later I woke up with my arms cut up again, a bruise on my left temple and 15 missed calls from my mother and my closest cousin. So...I've been in rehab again guys. Hopefully I can get more active again, but idk.

Either way, I'm back in (some) capacity!

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So, uh, no offense or nothin', but, uh...

Yeeeeeaaah, you need to re-evaluate all the things.

Good luck.
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