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  1. And a hello to whoever may be reading this. I'm back around and was looking for something to wonderfully take up my time. I'm up for a few different kinds of one on ones. But its a two person processes, so, any ideas for a plot should be tossed at me!

    Some things that you will need to know about the way I roll;

    • I'll Be giving you what I can, usually being around three to five paragraphs. Keep the creativity flowing~
    • Romance makes every story a little more fun. Its not the plot, but its a definite mix in.
    • M//F pairings are my choice of action, no disrespect, its just me.
    • I prefer to play as a female role in most situations. But lets ramble on about a few things and I'm sure we could figure something out.
    • I'm no grammar Nazi, or a spelling bee champion, but it doesn't mean I don't try my best. That's all I ask.

    Usually I prefer to do role plays through messages, for the soul fact that it reminds me when I get a new message.

    Any comments or question about the way I operate, just ask ~

    Basic Plot Pairings;

    -Teacher x Student
    -Cop x Minor
    -Royal x Servant
    -Bad Boy x Good Girl
    -Pirate x Kidnapped
    -Pirate x Royal
    -Doctor x Patient
    -Deadly sins
    -Master x Slave
    -Real life

    Let me know what you are okay, and not okay with. We can make it work.
    Talk to you lovely people soon~
  2. Fantasy/steampunk is appealing to me right now.
    Ever played an RPG called Arcanum? It was a fantasy, set during the midst of an industrial revolution. May give you a bit of an idea of what I mean by crossing over Fantasy and Steampunk.
  3. I have not heard of that RPG, but we could figure out a plot around steampunk/fantasy.
  4. While I don't have a solid plot in mind, a big part of the game I mentioned was the animosity between Technologists and Magicians. It was my intention to play a Technologist, and I think it would be cool to explore that kind of conflict in a situation where the characters are brought together out of necessity. For example, they're both slaves on a barge and have to work together to free themselves and the other slaves.

    Keep in mind, that's just an example but I don't mind using it, especially because it can lead to a bigger story. The relationship that develops can be kind of light-hearted in nature, in the spirit of a Han and Leia and how they began in the movies as being at each others throats, but developing at first an underlying respect that grew into something more.
  5. Lets talk more, this seems a bit interesting!
    Ill shoot you a message.
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