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  1. I'm trying to come back to this site, so... Here's some ideas.
    Some may require adult content.

    Got some more Real Life ideas.
    Same requirements as always:

    -Be literate. (Correct grammar, spelling,punctuation)
    -Be active. (On at LEAST once a day. Preferable: On more than once a day.)
    -Be willing to double.
    -Note me if you want to quit, need to quit, or will be gone for a while.

    Here's my ideas:

    1: In the small town of Crystal Falls, there's a tradition for the young adults.
    When they turn sixteen, they're engaged to the person they've been chosen for.
    Two girls, best friends, are engaged to two brothers.
    But each girl wants the other brother- not the one she's with.
    Same for each brother.
    Couples are looked down on if they break off the engagements, and- they all care for each other,
    having known each other since childhood.
    So, what's there to do?
    Run away.
    (Drama, Real Life, Romance.)
    Doubling needed.

    2: A couple has been together since 9th grade. Now, heading into college,
    the girl learns that her boyfriend cheated on her during the Summer.
    So, they break up.
    But as time goes on, they realize they still love each other, and sometimes, mistakes do happen,
    and people really do mean they're sorry.
    (Romance, Drama, Real life.)
    Doubling needed.

    3: A popular girl has had so many boyfriends, she's lost count.
    Known all around town for being- well, .... Well known, she's made plenty of enemies,
    and lots of friends.
    But even her closest friend doesn't know that she's really in love with... Her. Her best friend.
    (Drama, Lesbian, Romance, Real life)
    Doubling can be done, but not needed. I'd like to play the popular girl.

    4: The new kid at school is obviously gay, and he gets picked on for that.
    He makes friends quickly, but the few popular groups at school make fun of him.
    They don't know that their leader is his boyfriend.
    (Drama, Gay, Romance, Real Life)
    Doubling can be done, but not needed. I'd like to play the new kid.

    5: A new girl at school- and she's hot? Of course, the only match for her is the most popular boy
    in school, right?
    Wrong. Turns out, the new "girl" is actually a guy!
    (Drama, Romance, Real Life, Cross dressing)
    Doubling isn't needed, but can be done. I'd like to play the new "girl".

    6: I'd also be up for any horror role plays anyone wants to do. If you've got an idea, just lemme know!
  2. I'd be interested in doing either 1 or 2 with you.
  3. Which one would you rather do?
  4. I'd be interested in playing 4 with you, if you're still looking
  5. I'm interested in the second one! And the first, but more the second, haha.
  6. One Must Wonder: Sounds great. Send me a PM so we can work out the details.

    Haley: Two is fine, send me a Pm so we can work out the details.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.