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  1. Hello guys!

    So those who know me know I've been through some shit for these last couple of months and I've had nearly no time or energy for roleplay. However, even though it's exam season, I've found writing is a really relaxing tool for me. So instead of collecting as many RPs as I can, I thought I could find a roleplay with something fresh and new for me!


    1. As I've said, I'm not right back into the scene yet, so I need a very dedicated, but understanding partner. If you need posts everyday, I'm really not your person. However, if you like to take your time writing and could post once a week or so, we might get along!
    2. I like my characters non-anime, and fully functioning with personality!
    3. Third Person past tense. Lots of OOC chat if possible!
    4. 2-6 Paragraphs would be nice. I'm not crazy about spelling and grammar but at least be intermediate.
    5. I like smut. So I'd prefer my partners to be 18+. Smut isn't a necessity, just a lovely bonus.
    6. MxM is my favourite, MxF if we're doubling is beautiful, FxF is adorable if in the right plot.
    7. My resume is a useful lil' thang to look at.

    So I haven't got any specific plots but I do have a couple of fandoms (video games in particular) that I'd see myself dedicating to.

    (In order of my interest.)

    Fallout 4


    I haven't finished the game yet so no spoilers! I got a couple of plot bunnies in mind, but nothing set. I'd really love to do a double of Canon X OC here! I'm happy to play anybody (But I'd think I play a good Danse, Piper and Hancock.) for your OC and if you would play MacCready for me I'd owe my life to you!!

    League Of Legends


    I'd love to play Katarina mostly and I would like to pay her in FxF. Other than that I don't have much preference. I always want Draven involved tho. Who doesn't? Draven x Darius maybe? xux. I do know the basics so please don't expect nerd-knowledge here! But with an interesting plot, I'd really love to play this.

    GTA 5


    I would like to play an OC based roleplay. No idea for a plot but the entire scene and world is so good I think we could create an interesting plot. I think a double as MxM and FxF would be fun for this! If the plot is juicy I am interested.


    Okay so that's all I've got so far! If you're into this then please PM me or smth! I'm only looking for one more partner or so, so once a plot is gone it's gone!

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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  2. Bloop! I'm still looking c:
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