Back And Ready For Roleplay!

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  1. Requirements:
    - Must be willing to go Long Term with the roleplay.
    - Must be able to post 3+ minimum paragraphs or more.

    A little about the roleplaying me:
    - Even though I am 20 years of age, I will roleplay any age for a character. 13+ and above.
    - I play male and female characters. Depending on the plot I will double to make things fair.
    - I can post a minimum of 4+ paragraphs, more depending on what is going on.
    - I am not a grammar nazi because I am not even perfect, no one is.
    - I am a sucker for romance and love stories though I except it to build to that level.
    - I have no limits either.

    Exceptions of my partner:
    - Please be 17+ because all of my roleplays are mature.
    - Please be willing to roleplay either a male or female, even double if we're both comfortable with it.
    - Please be able to post at least 3+ minimum paragraphs.
    - Let me know if you have limits on anything whether it be gore, sex or anything else.


    Original Pairings: (Instead of throwing plots at one another, I like to collaborate with my partner on a plot that we both agree on.)
    1. Human x Angel.
    2. Human x Demon.
    3. Human x Human.
    4. Angel x Angel.
    5. Demon x Angel.
    6. Demon x Demon.
    7. Superhuman x Superhuman.
    8. Pirate x Pirate.
    9. Hero x Hero.
    10. Hero x Villian.

    1. Game of Thrones.
    2. The Hunger Games.
    3. Pokemon.
    4. Pretty Little Liars.
    5. Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    6. Legend of Korra.

    1. Modern.
    2. Fantasy.
    3. Supernatural.
    4. Sci-Fi.
    5. Apocalyptic.
  2. Heya. Wanna try to set up a Pokemon plot bunny?
  3. Sure. I would love to.
  4. Yay. Soo, any ideas?