PARTNER REQUEST Back and looking for new roleplay partners

Discussion in 'SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS' started by Bluebird, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. So I am back and I like to have a few roleplay partners. As you see I have more characters and some even up my sleeve which is in a work of progress. I mostly do horror or adventure roleplays but I can adapt to anything really. I usually improvise my roleplays but other than that I'm up for anything. If interested let me know in someway
  2. I am also an improviser and a plotter. Are you.... slightly interested?
  3. Did you want to retry the star ears rp we were doing?
  4. I need to be reminded of what that rp was.
  5. It didn't get far yo just disappeared but we can restart it.
  6. Ok sounds good