Back again.

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I highly doubt anyone remembers me... But I was on the old Iwaku forum. I went by this name, mostly.

If anyone remembers me, well.... Hello!
Your name is familiar, buuut that's about it. Welcome back anyway! :3 Willing to help if you need it.
Have fun here. <3
You were probably here before I was, but WELCOME BACK!
*cough* I do not know this alien-creature... He brings lies to us all...
I mean... oo;

Hello there! And err, welcome back to the Iwaku! : D
Main rule that all members (even oldies and newbies) should remember:

You MUST have a good time here at Iwaku... It is REQUIRED. and no leaving.. >>; Unless it's absolutely necessary.. *cough* and must watch out for teh zombies. ^_^

and umm... th..that will be all from me... >>;
I was NEVER here... << >>
You didn't see anything. :3
Don't remember you, so I won't say welcome back- I will say its a pleasure to meet you! Join me in my resolution to stick around this time around!
yeah I don't remember you at all, well welcome back since you said you were on the Iwaku before. You have nay questions come and ask

*walks off into the shadows*
Can't say I remember you, old chap, but welcome back regardless.
Ashton...HMMM :O
I remember your name, but nothing personal 8D then again, I do have a TERRIBLE memory >_<
Welcome back!
Need any help around the new site, don't hesitate to ask! :D