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  1. Hello everyone. It's Jay, back again... I know I keep disappearing. Anyway, all good now, I should br back for a long bit. Besides. Work. But I'll get to that in a second.

    So yes, I'm back on looking for rps again. If I roleplay ed with you previously and have yet to message you since I've been back I am deeply sorry and I do encourage you to send me a message because I love to roleplay with everyone.

    Now, I'll give you a bit of what's been going on and what is going to happen. You don't have to read

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    So, since I've been gone I ended up going into the hospital for some serious health issues. I am alright now but I'm not sure if they'll pop up again. Now I'm back, however I do have a full time job still because they really like me where I'm at. I don't have any kind of classes or school work which does give me some time to do as I want, however work does take up the majority of my time. When I have a day off and I do tell you, there is a possibility that I'll be called in just because we are a busy place. If I do disappear again I will try my best to tell you, however, last time it was so sudden that I didn't have the time to do anything. So I am sorry to the people I suddenly left. I ask that you do be patient with me.

    I will repeat this for those who didn't wanna read that long thing, I just ask you be patient with me. If I disappear again just know I will come back even if I do get to warn you, last time it was so sudden I didn't have time.

    Now, for the rules. I don't have too many but I do ask you read them.

    Rules (open)
    1. Please no one liners. I have one rp that has one liners and it makes me uncomfortable.
    2. Please be okay with grammar, you don't have to be perfect everyone messes up, but just the simple stuff, ya know?
    3. I don't really care how long the posting is as long as we can try to match eachothers lengths so do tell me how much you can write or are willing to write.
    4. I like to have fun, don't make something so boring, I'll have a lot of my likes and dislikes below.

    4 things, not too bad, right?

    Now for the likes and dislikes. This might be a lot, warning, so you can just skim through them, however I do wish you pay attention more to the dislikes, I'm usually open to anything.

    Likes (open)
    For 18 and lower: fluff, small romance, cute pairings, arguments, pg13 stuff, gore, violence, happy endings, not so happy endings, any genre, ect.
    For 18+: Gore, bdsm, hardcore violence, mindfrick, the unpredictable, stuff in 18 and lower, ect.

    Dislikes (open)
    Thread/forum posts, smut without plot, watersports, toilet play (the occasional bully dunking head is okay though), and feet. Absolutely no feet. I hate it so much, Pease no.

    Okay, shorter than I though, but like I said, I'm open to anything so give suggestions and I'll try anything once. But if I really like the rp idea and such, I may consider Thread/forum posts. Maybe. Has to be good and you must convince me.

    Uhm... I'm not going to do a pairing thing just because last time I did it I ended up alphelabetizing it and now I can't find it, so I'm not up for all that. But yeah, any pairing someone can think of will do. I'll put out some plots as soon as I can think of some. Thanks for listening, pm me or reply here, I don't have a preference.

    Oh! One last thing, I do perfer MxM (male x male), however if you convince me then I may be willing to do anything else. Now, I don't like Dom/sub or seme/uke things, even though I have done it before, I'm just getting bored of it. Thank you! Bye now~!
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