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  1. Hey all..
    You can call me Evv and I'm here in search of some rps.
    Things to know;
    I write multiple paragraphs and would like someone who does the same.
    I prefer playing female but I'm also open to doubling.
    In the event of doubling I give both characters equal attention and would like the same in return.
    For fandoms I prefer canon x oc but with doubling I could do oc x oc or canon x canon.
    The same goes for pairing types. For mine I prefer hetero relationships (except in the rare case I might want to try fxf). I'm new to slash though so please be patient with me.
    Romance is a must. I do like other things though such as drama/conflict, dark themes, etc.
    I prefer playing submissive characters or equals. I probably won't try dom unless its doubling.

    ***I'd also be interested in crossovers! Particularly Game of Thrones (the setting) with The Originals or Game of Thrones with The 100 please!!

    Bold means who I want to play
    P means I have an idea or a thought for the pairing

    The Originals/VD -Craving!!- (I'd kind of like to use the blood bond from True Blood in this)
    Klaus x oc P
    Kol x oc
    Elijah x oc
    Damon x oc
    Stefan x oc
    Rebekah x oc

    Dean Ambrose x oc P
    Roman Reigns x oc
    Seth Rollins x oc

    Walking Dead
    Daryl x oc P
    Rick x oc
    Glenn x oc

    Twilight P
    Emmett x oc
    Alec x oc
    Jasper x oc
    Edward x oc

    The 100
    Bellamy x oc
    Clarke x Lexa
    Murphy x oc
    Jasper x oc
    Finn x oc
    Octavia x Lexa
    Octavia x oc
    Lincoln x oc

    Game of Thrones
    Robb x oc
    Jon x oc

    True Blood
    Eric x oc

    Witches of East End
    Fredrick x oc

    The Borgias
    Cesare x oc

    American Horror Story


    The 100 & GoT
    Stark oc x Bellamy
    Any x any

    The Originals & GoT
    Klaus x oc
    Kol x oc
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  2. Hi! I'd be open to a Vampire Diaries rp! Send me a PM so we can start! :D
  3. I'd be up for playing Dean Ambrose, if you are okay with doubling as I too like playing OCs. XD
  4. Sure! Who would you like me to double as?
  5. Hmmm, either an OOC diva or maybe Paige, Alicia Fox, Naomi, or Sasha Banks? I'm not sure what you are or not willing to play as. XD
  6. I could probably play Paige or Sasha or even an ooc if that's what you prefer =3
  7. I rolled a 3-sided dice and ended up with OC. XD So go for that, I suppose.
  8. Lol well if your fine with that then ok. I don't want you to not enjoy the rp =3
  9. Lol it's not that it's jsut that all three choice I would have enjoyed and instead of being indecisive, I figured to roll the dice and see what came up. =D
  10. Hello! I'd be interested in GOT or Walking Dead!
  11. Ah gotcha! I know the pain. I'm very indecisive about things myself xD
  12. Hi! I'd be up for either of those! What type of pairing(s) were you interested in for them?
  13. So how did you want to handle this then? =D
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