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  1. So I've finally returned. After seven months of being offline (due to an intense senior year) I'm ready to get back in the game. So what are my likes?
    • Fantasy
    • Romance (a must! It's what keeps me going)
    • Supernatural
    • Modern
    • School Life
    • Light adventure
    • Original Plots!
    • Prefer MxM
    • MxF is accepted depending on plot
      • Note: If you have any ideas just throw them my way.
    • Furry
    • Slave
    • Bondage
    • BDSM
    • Rape/Abuse
    • Horror
    • Crime/ Kidnapping
    • Asylums
    • Sex without Plot
    • Fandoms
    • Sci-Fi: Aliens, extra-terrestrial, etc
    • (Check my resume)
    I've been in the mood for a relaxing/refreshing roleplay. I haven't listed any plots because I like to see my partner's interests and I just enjoy creating something together.

    My Requirements?
    • Romance is a must. If into action, it must balance out.
    • Grammar. It's okay if you have tiny mistakes, but if they are consistent it's a turn off for me. I don't like having to figure out what you wrote.
    • Paragraphs. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LINERS!!! WRITE AS MUCH AS THE SCENE DEMANDS!! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LINERS!! Every once is a while three liners are okay, but I am looking for a minimum of one paragraph (5-7 sentences). However, I don't want an entire book. It's fine if you get really passionate (I know I do) but no more than four paragraphs please. Keep me engaged. If you write dull sentences, I'll get bored, and want to stop the RP.
    • I typically try to match my partner's posts.
    • Details and content are a necessity. I like to know what's going on in the other character's head. Don't say "She was tired, but she wanted to eat. She went downstairs. She reached into the fridge..." I like details. Tell me why the character is doing these things.
      • "Because of that trip to the island, she felt exhausted. Socializing often had that affect on her, but she only went because her friends goaded her into it. Her stomach growled. Although she was tired KC was also hungry. She hadn't eaten in over 12 hours after all. It was a long flight. She headed downstairs and opened the fridge...."
    • Give me something to reply to is all I'm asking
    • Try to reply at least once a week. I understand we all have lives, but a post a week shouldn't be too demanding.
    • Communicate. If you have an idea, tell me. Sometimes things can get dull and I'm always open to new ideas.
    • 18+ Only. Sometimes things get heated and I find is much more fun RPing with people my age.
    • Fade to Black is preferred
    My Cravings: All of these I would prefer MxM. I'm really in that mood, but if you differ and have plot idea tell me.
    • Modern Day
    • Meet by coincidence
    • Dystopian (Utopian) Society
    • Mage x Demon
    • A society where the world knows supernatural beings exist, but they don't know them all. Witches, Werewolves, and Fae are known. The others aren't. Those who are found out are treated like second class citizens. People are afraid of things they don't understand.
    Something about me?
    • Playing 2 characters. I like the idea of running two stories at once that are within the same world. Usually they are connected through family or friends, but I found that RPs work better with a total of four characters. If you don't feel comfortable it is not a necessity.
    PM me if interested.
    • Thanks for looking!
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  2. I have an idea for a feudal Japan role play if you are interested.
  3. I'll PM you.
  4. up for a StudentxTeacher rp? Please PM me with an answer.
  5. Still looking!
  6. Still searching!
  7. Hello! I've got a few ideas as far as MxM roleplays are concerned, and have been looking for a new partner. It seems like our wants for how long posts are and how often to respond are very similar!
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