Back again!... Again.

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Man, I just keep coming back to this forum, not that I ever did much the two times I was here, and not that anyone would at all remember I was here XD.

I really want to be more active this time around though, since this really is a great role playing community. Already signed up for an RP called Quests, which I'm excited for XD.

So... Hi! =D
Welcome back, old bean. If necessary, the Murr Army can supply chains and tagging devices to ensure you don't stray too far from Iwaku.

Of course, these devices would be completely safe, and not rigged to explode if you leave for too long, no sir.

But yeah, welcome back. Enjoy your stay.
Gahaha, thanks! I'll try not to stray too far. Sounds dangerous .___.

Sweet signature, by the way. I love Yahtzee Croshaw, him and his Chzo Mythos and Zero Punctuation XD.
I... think I know you? :l

Anyways, welcome back. I've recently returned (amongst other times) as well! C: We can be return buddies?

And uh... I think Grumpy under-exaggerated those tagging devices, just so you know.
I dunno, you seem kinda familiar XD.

Thanks! Yaaay, return buddies.

Slightly scary, but eh, whatever works XD.
For the life of me, I can't remember specifically where I know you. But I think I do XD.
Hallo und welcome zu das Iwaku if du habt any fragen just ask und we can help

*sorry about that I just need to practice up on my German here, I will do my more formal one anyway*

Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks off into the shadows*
@Leander: XD Oh snap, that's intense. I think I know you because your username is very familiar.

@Shadow Ike: That was some intense German =O. Thanks! I appreciate it XD
Welcome back ^^
Glad that you can't stay away~ haha :)
Let me know if there's any help you need :D