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  1. Hello all!

    SO yeah, been away from the site for about four months as personal life needed much attention. But I'm back now and looking to RP with some new partners!

    Pairings that I am currently interested in:
    (Italics are roles which I wish to play)

    Human x Demi-human (Demi-human covers half demon, half monster, half angel etc.)
    Apocalypse survivor x Apocalypse survivor
    Aristocrat's daughter x Butler/Manservant
    x Runaway (in a Medieval or Sci-Fi setting)

    I do only really do MxF with myself as the M, and I rarely bring in important secondary characters. While I don't expect you to write like Shakespeare, one or two liners are not what I like to see.

    If you have any other ideas that you want to do, tell me! I'm very open to suggestions and what I have out above isn't necessarily all I want to do, give me a good idea and I'd enjoy that just as much!
  2. Human x demi-human or hunter x runaway piqued my interest! Send me a PM if you want to chat :)
  3. Aristocrat's daughter X butler?
  4. Send me a PM with your ideas :)
  5. Human x Semi-Human please. :D
  6. Looking again.
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  8. I would love to do the Aristocrat's daughter x butler RP with you if you're still looking
  9. Still have a couple of slots available if anyone is still interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.