Bachelor/Bachelorette roleplay?

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I've been thinking on a roleplay like this one lately because it...just sounds fun. I'd play a man or a woman seeking a partner! Not sure which, though I'm thinking about playing one of each because some roleplayers are more comfortable playing a certain gender.

Now... I had a weird dream last night that was around this idea. x_x; It was in a Greek mythology setting. There were a bunch of guys, a variety of races, competing to see who was better suited for the most beautiful woman in the lands; who happened to be single.

Thought that would shake things up, you know? Opens more possibilities and there can be some epic action instead of just taunting like in the shows on TV. :P

Let me know what you all think. I'm sick of making roleplays that people say they're interested in, then don't play. XD I'd need a lot of people to play this with me, so it's looking like it wouldn't go down too well.

And, I'd be putting this in Fantasy, probably with an R rating.
OOOOO I like the sound of this!
Shweet. >:3 Bring my idea to anyone you think would be interested.

I'm thinking I'll just do a Bachelorette... It seems like it'd be more fun and I doubt there'd be enough players for two 'prizes' to be won. XD
So wait... We'd be able to play fantastical creatures/individuals with God-like powers, and be competing for a gawjus woman?!

I think this sounds like it would be fun as a hosted chat game.
It sounds awesome! what would be the details?
Well. It's corny, but she's the prettiest woman around and is looking for a lifelong relationship with her perfect match, who is also willing to have children with her. She's managed to stay single all this time because no one has proved to her their worthiness yet! Fed up with this, she wants to hold a competition while she's still fairly young.

Observing a bunch of males compete physically and mentally would be the best way for her to judge this, as well as testing their skills at romance. For the romance thing to work, every character can find their own opportunity to show it to her. Like when everyone else is eating dinner or having a conversation, or when she's seen just going for a walk after a competition is over. But keep this session short so that the others aren't left out for so long.

I'd post up her character sheet LAST so that no one can try to make their entry perfectly compatible. >:3 Keep mine saved in Word and once character sheets are closed, I make the reveal! Thought it would be fun that way.

Still working out some things, but I don't wanna try TOO hard if no more people want to play. >>;
I wanna be in on this!
Anyone else? I got started on writing it up because it's helping keep my mood at a reasonable level. Don't wanna keep going if no one else wants to play. >>

I'd like a couple more willing participants~ Especially if they're comfortable with playing the role of a male.
I...I... Me! I count as lots of people!
**holds out her deck of character cards**
Yay! I was hoping that this didn't die! I would have been sad...