.Bach was a Genius. [Iron Man]

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  1. Name: Lee Bach
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Personality/ History: Lee is very much her father's daughter. From a young age, she had always shown an interest in anything at all that had some sort of mechanics. Her Dad is a mechanic, and she always loved to help him with whichever project he was currently obsessing over. She was a bright girl, though her grades didn't show anything too special. School didn't interest her. She already knew what she wanted to do with her life; build stuff. Fix things. So long as her grades were good enough to get her though high school, that's as much as she cared about. Her Dad always pushed her to do the best she could, because in order to do anything these days, you needed that little piece of paper that said you knew how to do it. No wonder common sense was out the window with people these days. But Lee worked hard for the things she wanted. Mechanics, and a lot of technical things came easily to her. Computers were no problem, and she even started writing her own programs for little things. It was just something that she loved to do. Aside from the obsessive creative side of her, she's a pretty nice girl. She doesn't have the most patience when it comes to people, but if you're pleasant, she'll be pleasant back. Lee also has a problem with stress, and can have quite a temper. Because of the stress, and having a life based on obsessions, she's got fairly constant heartburn and anxiety issues, which leads to an unusual addiction to alka seltzer. She consumes way too much of it, but she can't think when her throat is constantly feeling like she could breathe fire. Also, Lee has a fantastic mind for storing information. The concept of a Mind Palace comes up often, and she is very good at keeping all of her information for multiple projects perfectly sorted, without writing anything out.One day it had come up that Lee was curious if she was actually related to her family or not. She had been looking through old photo albums, with her Mom, and she had noticed that she really didn't look like anyone. At all. After months of thinking it over, and trying to decide how she felt, and if she cared enough to ask, the girl managed to get the question out. Her parents were quiet. Too quiet. She'd seen movies, she knew how this question played out. They had explained that they loved her, and she assured them that nothing was going to change. She just wanted to know who her birth parents were. The answer, however, only came after another few months of her studying up on her birth mother. It came to light that the woman was far gone, but there was a sneaking suspicion that playboy Tony Stark had been hanging around with her during the time that Lee would have been cooked up. She was working with Tony. The work was enough that she hadn't had much of an outside life, and the more she read into it, the more it was looking like the guy was her dad.
    Physical Description: Stands at about 5'7 with a toned, muscular body from her work. Though she is feminine, and not bulky. Firey red hair, pale skin, and freckles spotting all over her body, along with pale blue eyes, and a pretty face. The girl doesn't usually put a tonne of work into her appearance, since she's usually in the shop, or at a computer desk, but she is naturally very pretty.

    Today was so hot. Why was it so hot? Maybe she was just nervous. Generally, Lee wasn't exactly the type of her who let her nerves get too far into her life, but today, she found that the thought of what she was about to do made her feel just a little sick. Today was the day that the redhead had decided to confront her newly suspected father. His address was widely unknown, but again, she had managed to find this out. There were so many things lately that she was figuring out, that she wasn't quite sure how badly she wanted to know. All the same, Lee soon found herself on the doorstep of a huge home. She felt small. Inadequate. How was she supposed to phrase a question like this? How was he going to react to some random girl on his doorstep? Well.. the girl had some idea, but after the question was out, how was the man going to take that?
    Taking a deep breath, she now found herself infinitely closer to the door than she was aware. Her fingers were reaching for the bell, and soon enough the deed was done. Short of running away, and risking a missile at her head for Nicky 9 Dooring the home of Tony Stark, there wasn't much more to do than just.. wait. Breathe and wait. And sweat, because dear Lord it was seriously sweltering out here. Even in the shade, she could feel her skin buzzing with too much energy.

    ((Sorry that's short, and that it took so long. Things came up, and I suck at intros.))
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