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Hi I joined forever ago and haven't done anything since. I'd like to say that I've been working on something neat to post here but I haven't. Anyway here's kind of what I'm looking at doing I guess. I started a 1 on 1 roleplay with a friend of mine on google hangouts like a year ago and got maybe three posts between us before she was too busy to continue. The setting and character I made have been rolling through my head since and I've decided that I want to adapt it into a group roleplay with some lovely strangers on the internet.

In the 1 on 1 roleplay, her character was a girl living in our world who somehow was transported to an alternate fantasy dimension via magic anomaly or something. This part doesn't matter I intend on making everyone a native of this setting so no one gets the idea they're the main character in their favorite mediocre anime. On to the point.

The world is called Kuruta by it's inhabitants, and it's a typical magical fantasy world filled with sprites and dragons, knights and wizards, kings and warlords. Most of the world is heavily influenced by magic thanks to small natural volcano like structures which constantly leak mana into the atmosphere. Invisible to the untrained eye, this natural energy seeps slowly into the bodies of all living organisms and thus makes any creature clever or willing enough to practice capable of harnessing it's power.

I plan to let this be a chill open roleplay where anything goes with characters so long as it fits the setting. Kinda bare bones at the moment but I'm not gonna write a whole deal only for literally no one to look at or consider haha.

Oh! And if you want you can shoot me a pm and we'll spitball some ideas together, I would actually really love that. Anyway cheers, thanks for reading this trash.