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  1. So I was browsing youtube when I stumbled upon this, after watching a "Youtubers react to" video of the trio.

    Just... WHAT.

    Seriously, Japan, WHAT.
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  2. I found that song to be extremely catchy after I got over my initial shock.
  3. Japanese girls singing horrendously out of context.

    Old news.
  4. *steals this for a character* =D
  5. They played Sonisphere this year.

    My mate said they were surprisingly not terrible, too.
  6. On a slightly different note, still concerning metal, still containing the letter B.

    I gracefully drop this upon your screens to view.

    It has a bit of profanity here and there. Cusses and what not.
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  7. I was throwing that video around yesterday too.
  8. It's Japan, that is all that needs to be said.
  9. ...


    This really shouldn't be so darn catchy.

    *third time through*
  10. The Japanese know addictive consumerism to an almost exact science.

    Needless to say, I suppose I've heard enough music come out of Japan it isn't quite as shocking as it used to be.

    Asmodeus hit the nail on the head however; Japanese girls singing out of context, nothing new. Googled the lyrics and it seems to be about somebody who wants and desires chocolate but is worried about their weight. . . what in the f*ck. Guitar riff's were pretty badass and the sound was overall metal. . . but that stereotype young Japanese girl voice singing about nonsense, well, I've already experienced that in the amount of Anime I have managed to watch. Though I'm rather selective about that, but I'm off topic now.

    Cool though, thanks for the share but now I'm going to have this damned song stuck in my head for a week.
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