Babymetal is one The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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  1. wow. I never seen such a japanese kawai metal group get so much hype!
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  2. I love babymetal!

  3. Ehurm. Shouldn't it be;


  4. Don't tell me how to love music

  5. You don't rave to metal doe... No rave would play babymetal...
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  6. None of those girls knew what the hell metal was until their producers told them that that's what they'd be playing.

    I enjoyed them to a degree when I thought they might have amounted to more than a gimmicky pop band with no agency in the music they play.
  7. There are other kawaii metal groups now? ._. I thought BM is the only one.

    Also, the audio in that video was so horrible I thought for a second they were doing a cover of System of a Down's Cigaro.

    I am now imagining Suzuka Nakamoto screaming "MY COCK IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOOOOOOURS" and I can't stop laughing.

    Also, official video straight from the Late Show's channel:
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