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  1. Hello~

    ~Craving number 9&10!!!!!!!!!~
    I want to stress to people. If I want at least 2 FULL paragraphs! If I send up to 3 or 4 paragraphs and only get one back it turns my off. All that work for nothing. Please give me somthing to work with!! I want a rp to be fun not a chore to reply! Now I want to state this, I'm looking for more story than smut in my roleplays. Don't get me wrong I like the smut but It gets boring if the roleplay is all about it. I enjoy romance, action, drama, and lots and lots of surprises. I would like to develop the story before any smut, develop romance before they do anything. That's what I'm looking for!

    Rules.... PLEASE READ!
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    1- at least two full paragraphs...
    2- please do not pm me "Are you still looking for a rp?" or " I would like to rp with you" I WILL IGNORE YOU!!! Try to sell your self for goodness sake! Make me WANT to rp with you. ALSO. have a plot in mind (one of yours or mine) or a pairing and atleast an idea!!

    3- I rp over PMs I can be convinced to rp over threads.
    4- PM ME! Do not post here. bumping is fine =3
    5- If you do not want to continue the rp tell me i wont be offended, it happens
    6- I expect you to give the starter post, I will consider that as proof of your literacy.
    ~~ If i think of anymore I will update

    Pairing-- just a short list
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    incest (broxsis)
    best friends
    high school
    anything fantasy

    Plots- - I am always open to hear yours!!
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    Okay, so here is the idea. He (your character) is madly in love with Starr (my character). The whole world around them doesn't treat them right. Her father is abusive even though he'd admit shes the only thing that matters to him. your character, asks Starr a question that enforces inner termiol in her. He asks her to leave with him..

    TAKEN 2-
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    I was thinking maybe my character, Starr, is addicted to drugs. She heard from her druggie friend about a vampire bar where Humans can go there and make a good amount of money, plus the rumor is a vampires bite is like a drug in itself. she was curious and gave it a try. This is where she meets your character, she ends up being his little snack that night. He keeps coming and asking for her. maybe paying a little more. lol I could go on and on but that's pretty much the idea I had.

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    starr was the last of her kind. a magical being, nor human or animal. there was a huge war that broke out between them and the humans, outnumbered the humans won. The king found a young baby (starr) feeling remorse and unable to kill a baby he took her in as a servant of the castle. as she grew they hid her identity. now she is 20. the price has come of age to take the throne including the powers of the king (you can pick what those powers will be) the only way he can be passed down these powers is to have a suitable wife. they put on a ceremony lasting WEEKS searching for the right royal blood wife. an arranged marriage. he's not fond of this. starr becomes his personal servant so keep out of sight of the outside people they become close and she soon it is revealed she is royal blood herself. (ASK me if you want to hear back story of this idea, more detailed.)

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    Starr is the last of her kind (I would rather play neko, human with cat ears and tail, but i'm willing to play a different kind of race. just give me suggestions) she is on her own, no family. the only person who knows who she is, is her bodyguard. someone who has been there since she could remember. there are many people trying to kill her kind for money so she has to hide her identity. i'm thinking there will be alot of action and drama and romance once she confesses she has feelings for your character.

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    My character, Starr, is a 19 year old girl wondering alone from place to place just trying to fit in and call somewhere her home. Her parents were murdered right before her eyes by the village she was born in because they were half breeds, (cat/human or fox/human) She was the only one to survive. Since then she roams village to village to only be treated as an outcast or a freak. One day while on her daily walk for food she came across a passed out man who was badly hurt by a prior fight he was in. she takes him in and cares for his wounds.... goes on from there....

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    Starr just turned 19 and recently graduated from high school. She just moved out and was on her own. She was more of a loner but she had one best friend she was very close too, _______. _______ and Starr have been best friends since they were children. They secretly were in love with each other but they were to scared to admit it to each other… Starr got in some trouble and almost died. After her almost death experience __________ finally confessed to her that he loved her… and she did the same…

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    Well for this story, my main idea is it centers around fraternal twins (or could be changed to just brother and sister if your not comfortable with twins) between 15-17 , whom have shared a bedroom forever, since their parents can't afford to get a bigger house. The brother is in love with her, and always has been though as he got older he realized how wrong his feelings were, and he attempts to push her away in order to try, and get rid of the feelings, but as time goes on the feelings only grow stronger. Where we begin could be the night he finally can't take the feelings anymore, and either confesses, or kisses her, whichever, and perhaps he tries to convince her to feel the same. We can basically go from there, build on the concept. Perhaps throw in a pregnancy, that would make for a more dramatic storyline although that;s completely up to you and your limits.

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    Starr was 18 about to turn 19. She lives with her brother, ________ who was 21, because their parents died in a car crash 3 years ago. She has always been very fond of her older brother; secretly she cared for him more than a sister should her own brother. But she couldn't admit her feelings to him because it was pretty much wrong in their society… Plus He probably didn't feel the same and he wouldn't know how to take it... ______ Was very caring and protective to Starr and he secretly had feelings for her as well. Finally one day Starr found a piece of paper that revealed _______'s feeling for her. He ended walking in on her when she was in middle of reading it...He would take the note from her but she had already finished enough to know about his feelings...

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    My character and your character have been the best of friends since the toddler days. However when they have become older they have developed deep feelings for one another but each are too afraid to admit it. It’s been years my character has waited for yours to show any sign to become more than friends. now at the age of 20 and tired of waiting she gets a boyfriend. when she denies her now boyfriend of sex he becomes abusive. she starts getting bruises and her friend is concerned and determined to find out why… What will happen when he finds out everything? her boyfriend was the one doing it and worse she was only with him to try to lose the feelings for him...

    10-Craving badly!!!-
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    your character is a bit of a nerd however he is one hell of a good looking one. He was very particualr about his women but the second he put his eyes on mind he knew he had to have her. you can play his character two ways. One, he’s very blunt about his feelings for her and tries to win her over never fiding that he wants her. or two he could just try to get close to her and wiggle his way in hoping to get to his heart… either way is fine. I see alot of flirting and drama.

    11- NEW PLOT!
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    Starr was a 18 going on 19 years old. She has always been a sucker for romance, but here’s the thing she has never had any type of boyfriend before due to her parents being part of the church community and harshly strict on her because she was their only child. However the day of her 19th birthday she was on her way to her new apartment finally starting her OWN life when she was attacked by a couple of 'half' blood vampires. (Meaning they were made by other vampires) But before they could kill her a 'pure' blood vampire (meaning he was born a vampire. All the half vamps will obey their every command) stopped them and saved her life.. For some reason he was drawn to this woman wanting to protect her. But the smell of her blood was almost irresistible for him, for a matter a fact, it was for all vampires. He protects her from danger although, he could possibly the worst one of all...

    12 NEW Plot!!-
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    YC moved into MC's town. He keeps to himself, tries to keep a low profile, but keeps running into MC. He is a very loyal and deeply emotional man, but having been in a foreign prison for 5 years and hiding out among the enemy for 3... and then betrayed by his wife and losing his son... he's not going to put his heart out there easily. But for some reason he and MC grow close, perhaps interact out of necessity, and then in the RP there can be something that he has to step in and help MC with. Maybe it's a jealous Ex? Or a gang that is demanding 'protection' money from business owners and MC owns a dance studior?

    13- NEW plot! Craving! -
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    this female vampire, who has been searching high and low for an apprentice, someone to tutor in the ways of vampirism and eventually join her convent. She notices that, frequently, a young male, new to town, has been appearing up a lot of places of social interest. Mainly where she frequents. Attractive, daring and very few people know him... The perfect package. She approaches him (Rp here). After a few dates which she wanted to merely feign interest in him, she finds herself wanting him as her lover, he clearly has feelings for her but... The whole vampirism issue... What should she do

    as proof that people read all of this, please send me a PM stating your favorite color ! =3
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