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  1. I am new here. Staring at these forums is akin to walking into a comic book store with the cartoons page of a newspaper and trying to pick an issue from walls and walls of bins.

    For those that cannot relate to the analogy: There are so many threads and so many people AND NOW I'M INTIMIDATED!

    As such, I figured this may be a relatively benign spot to start. Something to ease me into the community and get to know some of you before I plug my nose and jump in feet first. (Because last time I tried to dive into anything, I hit my head. Concussions are not fun in real life so I presume digital ones are just as painful.)

    I know most folks post pairings they are interested in, but couplings aren't the only way to run a 1x1 (or any other combo of people for that matter), so I guess I shall go listing a few genres I find particularly fun:

    • Noir: Who can resist gumshoes, femme fatales, and a delicious jazzy soundtrack? Not me. That's who. Plus I never really see this and it is so so fun!
    • Fantasy: Medieval tends to be my go to, but if you have a good modern style idea, I'm game! I just am less likely to have plot nibblets to contribute to the latter.
    • Sci-fi: SPAAAAAAAACE. I couldn't help myself. Pretty straight forward! Future tech and alien species.
    • Romance: Hey... I said it wasn't the ONLY way to go in an RP. If you have a coupling you really like, let me know! If you want to know some of my favorites, feel free to ask! I love everything from fluff to scandalous!
    • Steampunk: Pretty much sci-fi with 90% more top hat.
    These are the things that most strike me at the moment, but I am always open to new and interesting things!

    A bit about my play style and characters is in order I suppose...

    I play male and female fairly evenly. I am comfortable playing transfolk as well. So basically no gender or sexual identity are beyond the realm of possibility. I love variety and diversity in my character pool! I guess this most affects those that feel like squishy romance sort of stories.

    I have no post length limit and I expect the same from my partners. I love long, detailed posts, but they always feel weird mid-dialogue. As such: if we get into a heated speaking exchange, one line responses are perfectly welcomed! So long as we both have something to go off of, all is well, no?

    I will usually post -at least- once a day. If you get all busy-like, just let me know. But fair warning: long periods of time between posts and I am liable to forget we have an RP going and I will fail to respond. Or get super confused. Or both.

    Plots come easy sometimes, and are difficult in others. Chit chat with me to hammer out details of the world or the story. Working together makes things more fun!

    I like to draw for RPs. It is always my greatest source of inspiration. If we have a good story going and we have some great scenes, I'd love to be able to doodle them! Please be sure to let me know if I have permission to art your character before hand. I don't want to infringe on your right to your characters after all.

    Um... I... think that is all! Feel free to post here or PM me if you have any ideas or questions or feel like breaking into a jaunty song and dance number!
    OH! And thank you for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you all!
  2. Noir or Steampunk sounds amazing to me :D
  3. If you're still up for looking for a partner, I'm up for it!
    I'm cool with any of these.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.