Baby of Another World

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  1. Kurt groaned turning over in bed. He felt sick to his stomach like he was hungover. He reached out to grab his alarm clock as he realized what had happened last night. He had, had sex with another of his species.
    "Damn..." he groaned suddenly running to the bathroom puking into the toilet. He prayed silently that it wasn't a combination of morning sickness and being hungover.
    After he was done he washed his mouth out taking a quick shower before heh ad breakfast. He stepped out getting dressed as he went. A cell phone rang but it wasn't his. When he found the phone he realized it was the man from lt night.
    "Oh what was his name?" he grumbled sitting on the couch in his apartment.
  2. Henry could barely see fro the pounding in his head as he drove back to his dorm. "Today will be a blast." he mumbled grumpily to himself. he picked up the phone from the seat beside him to call his roomate to make sure they had some asprin but the phone was obviously not his. "Damnit" he groaned. Oh well, he thught to himself, George wouldn't have liked being woken up early. He stopped by the store, grabbing some bottles of water, asprin, and beef jerky. He hoped it would help his hangover and today's classes.
    Ounce back inside the car he took some asprin and started eating some jerky. He looked at the phone, wondering where he could meet up with the guy to exchange phones with. He very well could call his own, seeig he had no idea when he would ever see that guy again.
  3. Kurt sat on the couch after another round of morning sickness. The other man's phone rang again and this time Kurt answered it. "Hello?" he said softly because it was his number.
  4. Henry ended up calling him, betting that a headach as lovely as his own would have woken him up already, he was nearing his dorm now. "Hey, I was wondering where we culd meet up because I kind of what my phone back sometime today."
  5. "What's your name?" Kurt asked running a hand through his black dread locks. He looked at his hands seeing that they were white as a sheet. "Oh and sorry about last night... Shouldn't have let that one happen."
  6. "Henry, whats yours?" he asked, "Anyways, I wouldn't worry too much about last night, I don't think something would happen as a result, it was only ounce anyways." he made his way up the stairs and stood outside his dorm door, looking through his keys.
  7. "Kurt... wait don't I have a class with you?" He asked walking through the small kitchen grabbing stuff from the fridge. He suddenly switched languages. The language of his planet.
    I think I'm already pregnant, He said in his native tongue proving a point to Henry. Part of him wished that Henry didn't know what he said, or that Kurt's hunch was wrong for once. I'm not human in fact I'm not from this planet. He said still speaking alien.
  8. Henry heard very clearly what was said in his native tounge. Since this morning? Are you sure? Ho- what made you think that? he said quietly in his native language, not even paying attention to what was said before as he opened the door, dropping his keys on the desk beside him, his roommate dead asleep.
  9. Oh Sweet Goddess Mathian. I've already had morning sickness. I know its sudden and probably way to soon, but I just have this gut feeling. Kurt popped open a jar of pickles. When my dads found out they were having me they knew the first day he was pregnant. He paced the floor hungry but not sure what to eat. Henry don't I have a class with you? Humanities I think.
  10. shit he mumbled, he didn't want a kid, he wasn't ready, he wasn't even sure if he ever wanted a kid, not only that but it was his fault. He should have used protection. He murmered curses to everything, acohol, himself, parties, himself. Henry left the dorm room, going up and down the hall. Yeah I think we have that class together, I'll give your phone to you before the class. how the heck was he going to explain this to his fathers, they knew he had lost his virginity, it was obvious, but they would have his head for getting a guy pregnant.
  11. Henry its my fault more than anything. I let my friends talk me into going to the party. Kurt sat back down on the couch trying to remember Henry's face. I'm so not ready for this... Henry you don't have to stay with me just cause you got me pregnant. He laid his free hand on his stomach thinking about how his family was going to react to this. But okay I'll see you before class. Again I'm sorry.
  12. No Kurt it was really my fault, I mean, I'm the one who.. you know.. none of it was your fault because you attended. When Henry heard what he said his voice grew louder, Not stay with you? he almost screamed What kind of guy do you take me as, I'm not letting my kid grow up without know both of his fathers. his calmed down a little before adding, I need some time to think about this, I see you in class. With that he hung up and went to the showers.
  13. Kurt sighed setting the phone aside thankful for once for his broader body that would take longer for his "bump" to show up. "I didn't mean you were a bad person..." Kurt said to the phone sending it electronically so Henry would still get it. Kurt looked over to his bed that was still a mess from last night. There was still a beer bottle laying on the floor, and than there was Henry's tank top he had been wearing beneath a button up. He still couldn't remember a face...


    Kurt walked into the hall before his humanities class. He was suppose to meet Henry, and Kurt was scared. What if Henry was mad at him for being so... Gay? Like humans said.
    The last thing Kurt wanted was for Henry to feel like he was obligated to stay with him just because he was expecting.
  14. Henry looked at the message, he should appologize to Kurt. He shouldn't have lashed out knowing that Kurt ment well. He was sitting in the back of the class room, his eyes peeled for the guy he had been with and the future father to his child. He only remembered the mans hair, recalling how lovely it looked. He must have been hammered last night if he can't remember much more, sure enough he saw the hair he remembered on top of a guys head as he walked in.
  15. Kurt pulled out a pony tail from his pocket tying back his mess of black dreadlocks. Class was about to start, and still no sign of Henry not that he could remember what he even looked like. All he could remember were those eyes that seemed to look into his soul. He took a seat in the back as usual pulling out all his books and stuff from his worn out laptop bag. That's when Kurt realized something. He'd sat right next to Henry, he could see those eyes looking at him in shock.
  16. Henry pulled out the cell phone and slid it infront of Kurt, he could remember that hair anywhere. his blue eyes, wide and bright, dropped down to Kurt's abdomin. He wanted to reach out and touch his stumach, see if it was real, if this wasn't some weird dream. He opened his notebook and wrote I'm sorry I kind of yelled at you over the phone, I know you mean the best, but it is my responsibility to help watch over our kid and I'll do anything to help. His eyes looked to Kurt, to make sure he understood clearly what he was saying.
  17. Kurt could feel Henry's eyes on his stomach which was still flat. Than there was his phone, and the little lines on the notebook paper. I understand, Kurt wrote back. He looked at those blue eyes and could see that determination, or passion. He wasn't quiet sure what he saw. Rather than just focus on baby can we try relationship first? Kurt wrote back looking at Henry making sure he understood the fact he wanted a foundation before the concept of baby became a new part of the picture. He wanted something to be there rather just than the notion of responsibility.
  18. Henry obviously looked surprised, he hadn't thought about a relationship, exspecially when he had a drunk one night stand with a stranger he could have very easily mistaked with another person. Henry wasn't against the idea, actually he liked it. If he were to tell his fathers they might be a bit less harsh if they see the two of the are going to work on a relationship. Well I wouldn't call myself much of a romantic but I wouldn't say I don't like the sound of having a relationship with you. A smile flashed across his face, wanting Kurt to understand his joy in the new developement of the situation. He was going to add, the father of my child but really, the baby had a few months before it needed any real thought given to it.
  19. Kurt smile sheepishly before writing Don't worry I'm not much of one myself. Never actually been in a relationship with anyone for more than an hour. Meet me out by the lake around six tonight if you can. For once he was thankful he lived in Bemidji. The lake had a view like non other, and there was a little cafe not far from BSU that served great food. Kurt took a long look at Henry before class started. He still couldn't get over those eyes. Blue like their planets most famous flower the Hydrangea. Than there was the hair that barely covered his eyebrows, and the dash of freckles. To be frank he was hot.
  20. Henry nodded his head, taking a sip of the water he had brought with him, either he was too distracted with the situation or his hangover was gone. He would like to say it was a combination of the both. He felt it was his responsibility to fall in love with Kurt. Strange as it was to feel that way, considering that someone can't just jump into love at will. Though to Henry it wouldn't be hard, as drunk as he was he must have seen something in this guy, who, lets face it, could be called handsome by more than a few hundreds of people. Six it is, should I bring anything? he wrote as the teacher saw then not paying attention to the lesson, but said nothing, it was a collage class, and the professers arn't paid any less for failing an entire room of studants.